Vilaysing’s Art for the Win


Mary Vilaysing

Valley student Mary Vilaysing is currently a winner of the Nevada Reading Week competition. Her prizes include a certificate and Visa gift card.

Kamiya Rodrigues, Reporter

Student Mary Vilaysing’s art submission won the high school division of the Nevada Reading Week competition.

“When I first found out that I won through checking my emails, I was surprised, in disbelief,” Vilaysing said. “I never expected to win anything, I just drew since it seemed fun and I had nothing better to do. When that fact fully sinked in, I was squealing to myself and kept telling my parents about it.”

Vilaysing’s submission was recognized by State Superintendent Jhone Ebert. Later on, she will be receiving a certificate and a Visa card.

“I haven’t received anything yet, but they said I would be receiving a certificate signed by Nevada State Superintendent Ebert and a $75 Visa card,” Vilaysing said. “However, what I have received was many congratulations from my teachers, family, and other fellow people.”

Vilaysing’s winning art piece consists of the world, books, and the theme. She had a ton of support from her friends, families, and teachers in making this piece. (Mary Vilaysing)

The contest’s theme revolved around how books have the power to change the world. All parts of the theme were incorporated into Vilaysing’s art submission.

“Well the main inspiration was the theme of the contest, ‘Change Your World — Read!’ and so I drew based mostly on that,” Vilaysing said. “The ‘world’ part I imagined the Earth. The arrow around the earth represents the ‘change,’ and then I had to incorporate ‘read,’ so I made the earth have like pages of a book and then added a big book and some small books.”

Vilaysing has been working on digital art for a few years now. She is also a part of the Anime Club at Valley. While working on her art and participating in Anime Club, she also works to be her best at everything she sets her mind to.

“I suppose I would say that I’m usually lately doing digital art since a year or two ago, I’m quite an introvert, so I’m not the best at socializing,” Vilaysing said. “I’m in Anime Club, which is very fun to be a part of, and I always try my best at things though things are harder now for me because of this quarantine.”

Through the process of creating her submission, Vilaysing was supported by not only her family, but friends and teachers as well. With the support of those around her, she was awarded her victory.

“My biggest support, not just during the contest but during most times, has mostly been my mom through everything I go through and achieve,” Vilaysing said. “As for my many teachers, [they are] always encouraging me and some like my art.”