IB and Varsity Quiz Hold Trivia Event


Daniel O'Brien

The teams for the event were in different Google Meets. The questions for the trivia aspect of the event were livestreamed in a different Google Meet that players had to pull up as well.

Isabella Medina, Reporter

Ending the Valentine’s Spirit Week with a trivia event hosted with Varsity Quiz, International Baccalaureate (IB) celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 12th.

The trivia event was coordinated between the Varsity Quiz team and the IB program to bring students together to play trivia and celebrate Valentine’s Day, an event students of the IB program usually celebrate through an IB Social on campus.

IB teacher Andrew Magness gives the winning team AOTI the victory cup. AOTI was comprised of IB juniors who participated in the event. (Cailin Reyes)

“I really enjoyed what we were able to accomplish as a team, from being at 4th place the first time the points were called, to winning it all, I know I speak for my team when I say this was a special experience,” one of the winners Christopher Franco Balderas said.

The students were working together in teams and competing in a trivia game for fun. This was an hour to win the competition with the prize being money donated to a charity of their choice. They originally practiced on the day before the final event and prepared for the next and final day.

“It was a pretty cool event for a newcomer like me. I have never been in a trivia game before, so it was an odd experience, given the circumstances we’re currently in,” one of the winners Alexis Rolymae Creayla said. “I would love to try it again next time.”

The winning team, AOTI, had a fun time competing with the other teams, and they got their victory at the end of the event and donated money to their charity of choice. They worked together as a team, and in the end, it paid off with their victory.

“Winning the IB Trivia was so shocking; my friends and coach were such big help. I, personally, thought we would get 2nd place, but AOTI won!” Creayla said. This is “a memory I’ll truly never forget, and not to mention, we were able to donate $50 to a charity of our choice!”