Miron Makes Moves in the Community


David Miron

Senior David Miron is the president for Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates (J4NG). Miron found his passion for helping others out through Valley.

Kahleia Corpuz, Editor-in-Chief

Senior David Miron has spent all of his time at Valley in clubs that aim to give back to the community.

Miron was the president of Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates (J4NG) in his sophomore year, revisiting the role his senior year. He was also the Vice President of Relations for Key Club in his junior year, along with being an active member in Valley Viking Scholars. Due to his extracurricular activities, Miron found his passion for giving back to the community.

“I’m inspired by the people around me,” Miron said. “They show me that there is good in the world, even if it’s just one person making another smile for seconds at a time. I’m motivated by the end goals of all my projects, and by the change that they can make.”

Through Key Club, Miron fundraised for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, an organization that looks to raise money for awareness for blood cancers and other diseases. As president of J4NG, his program won first place at the national leadership conference and received a grant for their project to help assist youth in need.

“I am prouder of helping my community because I know that the accomplishment wasn’t just for me,” Miron said.

When asked about what he would say to his freshman self, Miron gave an insightful answer, coupled with a lighthearted message.

“I would tell my freshman self to loosen up, to not be so anxious because everything will be fine,” Miron said. “I would tell him to focus on himself rather than worrying about what others think of him. Also to probably pay more attention in Sociology; he really needs to hear that.”

After graduation, Miron plans to go immediately into the workforce and attend University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) to receive his bachelor’s and possibly master’s degree. While he may not know exactly what he is going to major in, Miron will always remember how Valley allowed him to find himself.

“Valley has given me the opportunity to discover more about myself,” Miron said. “Throughout my high school life I have been able to find my passion of helping others. Valley has given me an outline of what I want my life to look like, and it is up to future experiences to help me make that outline into something spectacular.”