Struggles With Digital Art


Isabella Medina

Digital art is an art form with its ups and downs. Isabella Medina covers the struggles that have occurred during her time being a digital artist.

Isabella Medina, Reporter

Digital art has arguably been taking over the art community with pictures drawn by artists on the internet or on social media. Though sometimes the process of making a piece of digital art can be a bit of a hassle.

I currently have around four-five years of experience with digital art and drawing, and there are a few things I have commonly done ever since I first downloaded my very first art program that I feel like some artists may agree with.

The first one is having an art or creativity block. I occasionally get full of ideas of what to draw on my phone and sometimes get a little overexcited with the colors and the details. Although currently with quarantine and staying stuck on what to draw and since I don’t get much inspiration from just staying inside, sometimes I look up some pictures on the internet and draw something similar to it like a succulent.

I’ve been currently drawing succulent plants on my phone, but I’m not that good at it. Currently, I need a little practice, but drawing a succulent plant is pretty fun for me with the colors to put on it. I recommend artists who have an art block to look up something and get inspiration online.

Another thing that I struggle with is drawing on the wrong layer. In digital art, artists can separate parts to draw and hide so it’s not all on one page. Sometimes I forget that I’m drawing on a sketching part that I was supposed to erase later since I didn’t need it, so I have two options to either start over or press the undo button over and over again until it’s gone.

This is a constant thing I have done ever since I first began drawing, and to this day, I still do this. I think others do it as well, and it can sometimes delay the piece to finish. My advice to this struggle is to pay very close attention to the screen and see which layer one is working on or label the layers by their parts. (Line art, sketch, colored etc.)
Overall, digital art is fun, but there are always a few things I can get hung up on, and this is some advice to help others through similar experiences.