Cunningham and Porter Become IB Examiners

Math teacher and new IB Examiner Jodi Cunningham.

Quinn Pedrick, Managing Editor

Valley math teachers Jodi Cunningham and Lenore Porter both recently received the position of being IB Examiners.

Being an IB Examiner means grading, in their case, the International Baccalaureate math exam, and Porter will also be scoring the Internal Assessments (IAs). They are to grade the exams taken in November and May twice a year outside of their other Valley responsibilities, the position being an extracurricular for them.

“The Valley IB Student’s exams are sent to IB, from there they decide what examiner (teacher) in a different part of the world will mark them,” Cunningham said. “As an Examiner, I will be given exams to mark that were taken by students in a different part of the country or world.”

The tests they are to grade or mark come from across the country and world, and they score the exams that are much different than the ones Valley or CCSD students receive – being able to see how the grading process works on different yet similar tests.

“It just gives me another opportunity to grow as a teacher,” Porter said. “I am really excited to learn more about how grading is completed for IB as well as seeing some topics that come up for the essays, so I can get a better idea of the possibilities of the [Internal Assessment]. I think knowing how to test is just as important as knowing what is on the test.”

Learning about how the exam or test is created and graded is an important piece of knowledge to have when teaching students how to approach the test to earn the best grade possible.

“I know this will help me be a better IB math teacher,” Cunningham said. “I will have more knowledge about what the examiners are looking for in each type of question. I will know how to help students prepare to get better marks on their own test. I will get to see the work of students from different parts of the country and possibly the globe. I will have a better knowledge of how the exams are marked and therefore will be able to teach students how to get the most marks possible.”

Cunningham and Porter are two new IB Examiners in a pool of hundreds across the globe to grade these exams, and they are prepared to learn and grow as teachers through their contributions.

“I am really excited!” Porter said. “I think it will be a good collaboration opportunity and I think I will be learning a lot!”