IB’s Spirit Week Spread Valentine’s Spirit


Quinn Pedrick

IB dedicated a whole week to Valentine’s Day themed days. The spirit week was meant to replace the annual IB Valentine’s Day social.

Kai Lopez, Reporter

With the approach of Valentine’s Day nearing, IB decided to get the spirit of love flowing with a spirit week dedicated to the special date the week before the holiday.

In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, IB decided to celebrate the world renowned holiday by making every day of the week, minus Wednesday, a dress-up and activity day to honor the date.

“We always have a Valentine’s Day social here in IB,” IB Council adviser Lenore Porter said. “It is always a huge event, and it is everyone getting together giving each other valentines and having fun. We wanted to create something that was fun and of a larger scale, so we decided to do a whole week of spirit events!”

With the opportunities that online schooling presents, it led to the possibility of trying something different.

“Although it is a shame we can’t have our Valentines Day Social like last year, this is honestly a really good substitute,” sophomore Brisa Lopez Lira said. “I hope more people sign up and come to the events because they truly are tons of fun.”

Events hosted online have become increasingly popular as social distancing rules are still in place all across the country.

“We wanted IB students to feel a sense of community,” Porter said. “We wanted to create a social outlet for students, since they often don’t get the chance to socialize during school hours during distance learning.”

For some IB students, this chance for socialization made them excited for their school day at home.

“It gives me a sense of motivation in the morning,” Lira said, adding “like how when we were going to school face to face.”