Birds Are Best Pets


Isabella Medina

Birds are the best pets for bird lovers. While they can be expensive to care for, birds can live with humans through their lifetimes.

Isabella Medina, Reporter

Pets are a common part of many households with the variety of a small pug to an exotic pet like a jaguar. I’ve owned several pets through my years, and my favorite pets that I recommend and have currently are birds.

I currently have two cockatiels named Sunset and Rio, and I have had them for over three years now. I love them; they’re adorable, small, and annoying in a fun way with their tweeting and squeaking early in the morning to wake up and get fresh lettuce, carrots, and their seeds and millet every day. They give me a small sense of comfort since during quarantine I was able to spend more time with them; they’ve made great pets for me.

I recommend getting a bird because they can be so pretty since many species of birds come in pretty colors like macaws. They come in bright colors of blues, greens, yellows, reds, etc. Cockatiels come with grays, whites, and sometimes orange cheeks on them, which make them look cuter. They’re kind of like dogs but with feathers and beaks; if the owners train them at a young age, they’ll be calm and do whatever the trainer trains them to do, like playing dead, throwing a ball, or not biting your new curtains no matter how sparkly they are. Also, there’s lots of variety in getting a bird from a small canary to even a flying raptor, such as an owl or falcon. Each bird comes with its own set of skills, like hunting, singing, or just being a great companion. I recommend people to get a bird but with a few words of caution.

Just like how there are cat and dog people, there are also bird people. Those interested should research what kind of bird they want and how long they want it for. For example, if they get a macaw or a relatively large-sized parrot, those birds live for over 60 to 80 years, so they basically made a pet for life by choosing a macaw. Also some birds can be relatively expensive to take care of since some species need grooming, trimming, clipping, and other special care. Finding a bird vet can be tricky and expensive as well, so they must make sure to have money and give lots of attention because if they ignore a bird for too long, let’s just say they’ll be mad at the owner and won’t let them pet them until they bite them. Through doing some research, I chose the right birds for me, and I’ve been having a great experience with them.

Birds can make excellent companions to have for a good while when treating them nicely and spending time with them as well.