“The Good Place” Rates High


Courtesy of NBC.com

“The Good Place” questions whether people can change. The showed aired for four years before ending its run.

Siria Fierro, Reporter

“The Good Place” follows Eleanor Shellstrop in the afterlife who has been told she’s going to the good place. This is where everyone who was a good person when they lived goes to when they die. But there’s one problem, Eleanor is not supposed to be in the good place. The person they described was the exact opposite of who Eleanor is. So the show follows her as she tries to figure out how to stay in the good place.

The creator of “The Good Place,” Michael Schor, also worked on shows “Brooklyn Nine Nine” and “Parks and Recreation,” and this show has the same sitcom feeling. Viewers of those two shows will love this one with its similar comedy. One great thing about this show is its characters. Eleanor is a great anti-heroine as she tries to stay in the good place with the help of Chidi, a philosophy professor who struggles with making decisions. The opposite duo are entertaining to watch as they bicker and try to figure out how to help Eleanor. All of the characters in the good place are memorable from the anti-heroine to the Siri-like robot, Janet. They all help make the show entertaining and bring along the plot.

Although this show is a sitcom, it does have its moments where it takes itself more seriously. With the theme of being a good and bad person, the discussion of how no one is just bad or good is talked about. This was one of my favorite things about this show as it shows that people are capable of change. Eleanor is thought to be a bad person because of who she was in her life, but as the show progresses, viewers see that she figures out how to be a good person and change for the better.

Although “The Good Place” is already finished with four seasons, it’s still a great show to watch that has a big plot twist at the end of season one to pull viewers in for the rest of the show.