Mosquera Pursues Art Career


Kelly Pedrick

Class of 2019’s mural graces the walls of Valley’s cafeteria. Sasha Mosquera spent her senior year creating this piece of art.

Quinn Pedrick, Managing Editor

Valley alumni Sasha Mosquera strives toward making her passion for visual arts into a career.

Mosquera attends University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the fine arts program after spending years in public school art, making huge contributions with her art to Valley, including her favorite experience of creating the class of 2019’s mural.

“I am not sure if I’ll ever get such an opportunity again, but [painting the mural] is definitely something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life,” Mosquera said. “I was a senior hoping to create a mural within the school. I had no prior experience, but the school allowed me to do it without having to pay for any of the art supplies. It was not so obvious then, but now I realize how much of an achievement it was. I went from being a student who never stayed after school to being a student who stayed after school until 10:00pm some nights, and I even showed up on weekends and holidays just to finish the class mural. It was such a significant project because I had grown not only as an artist but as a student.”

While enrolled at UNLV, Mosquera has been able to further her knowledge in the field of arts through higher level hands-on experience in classes such as art history and painting, two of her favorite classes along with figure drawing. She enjoys her favorite classes because they have provided her with in-depth knowledge on major influences and masters of both modern and historical art in the world.

“As a whole, school has been the greatest influence,” Mosquera said. “As I attended public school, electives became a requirement. Loads of electives existed aside from art, but I was only interested in art. It has been thanks to my educators and teachers. If it wasn’t for the teachers I had, I would have probably let go of my passion.”

Mosquera would like to recognize the teachers who helped her in her efforts: Kelly Pedrick, John Bence, Chance Smith, Alissa Ward, Stephanie Bray, Kevin Stickel, and Vince Bognot along with the janitorial staff.

“As of this moment, I am not exactly sure where I want to go with art, but I haven’t decided on which branch or route to take with it,” Mosquera said, “whether I want to become an educator in it, an art historian, or a forensic artist for instance. What I do know is that I want to continue my education past my bachelor’s degree.”

Mosquera claims that high school was where she made close relationships with her best friends and teachers alike. Valley’s teachers along with her friends motivated her to pursue her passion, a passion that came from the support teachers had given her throughout her school life.

“The Valley community made me a better person; it is such a diverse campus and you get to meet individuals from a variety of backgrounds,” Mosquera said. “I would definitely not be the individual I am today without having gone to Valley. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, so any other way my life would have played out would not have worked. I would have never discovered my potential and purpose in life if it wasn’t for Valley’s community.”