Magness is the One and Only IB Coordinator


Andrew Magness

History teacher Andrew Magness poses with his family. Magness stated that he loves spending as much time with his family as he can and enjoys doing activities with them.

Valeria Garcia Alcala, Reporter

Andrew Magness is Valley High School’s IB coordinator who loves to spend time with his kids in his free time and loves to help students get into the schools of their dreams.

Magness said that one reason he decided to become the IB coordinator was that he is able to be in the classroom and impact the lives of many people at Valley, and he is almost like a cheerleader to help students achieve their dreams and goals. Being an IB coordinator is a very rewarding job, according to Magness, and he is very passionate about helping students realize they can do anything they put their minds to. His favorite part of being the IB coordinator is Personal Project night and Extended Essay night where IB students create something out of thin air.

“It’s nice getting to know kids, and then in their senior year getting to hear they got an interview with Stanford, or they got an interview with Yale, or they got a full ride to UNLV or UNR,” Magness said. “Just going on that journey with them is easily my favorite part.”

Besides being the IB coordinator and being a teacher, Magness loves hanging out with his kids. He also enjoys doing other things in his free time as well.

“I really like being a dad that was part of why I wanted to be a teacher,” Magness said. “I get to be home in the afternoons. I get to go to their soccer practices. I love to play NBA 2K. I love to read books, and I love watching The Real Housewives with my wife.”

When asked how he feels about the way Magness teaches, senior Bogdan Degeratu said Magness has a great teaching style.

“Mr. Magness has a fantastic teaching style mixing humorous lectures with self-paced work,” Degeratu said. “He always breaks down complex concepts to make them understandable for us and makes connections to our past knowledge, so things stick better. I always look forward to how he will introduce a new concept and help us remember important events and dates.”

Senior Wonkyung Lee said she enjoys being in Magness’s class because he is very outgoing.

“My favorite thing to do in his class is do interactive activities during lectures,” Lee said. “There is one lecture I especially liked; it involved Oreos and Chips Ahoy cookies. He does not intimidate the students and assures them that the work doesn’t have to be intimidating either.”

Magness decided to teach history because he isn’t very good at math or science, but also because he is a very logical person. He also decided to teach history not only because he loves it, but also because he believes that it’s important that students learn that their voices need to be heard.

“I can help 17 and 18 year olds,” Magness said, explaining this is not something he was trained for in high school, understand “why it’s important to vote, why it’s important to be a part of your community, why it’s important to give back, why it’s important to have a voice, and why your voice matters.”