Key Club Elects Next Year’s Board Members

Alexis Rolymae Creayla is the new Key Club President. She is very excited to help Key Club grow.

Valeria Garcia Alcala, Reporter

Key Club recently had executive board elections, and they announced their new members, which include the new president, vice president, and other new board members.

Alexis Rolymae Creayla is the new Key Club president. Creayla is very excited to be president because before she was the technology editor, and she would witness the current president work. She hopes she can do as well as her and work with her new executive board to plan big things for the club. Creayla has a few goals she wants to accomplish as the new president for the Key Club, and she enjoys all the fun and thrilling memories she has made in the Key Club.

Creayla’s goals are to “collaborate more with other Key Clubs OUTSIDE of Valley High School, encourage more members to participate within activities, and bring in new members,” Creayla said, continuing “and reach out to more businesses so we could host our service events with them/collaborate with them.”

Elisa Velis Joya is the new Vice President of Relations. As the new VP of Relations, Joya is most excited about helping with building and maintaining relationships with organizations and other clubs because it is incredibly beneficial for everyone involved. Joya is excited to continue in Key Club because members of this club, whether they are in Las Vegas or outside of Vegas, are very welcoming and kind, and members can make friends very easily that will help them learn new things from each other. Joya is very excited to continue working with sponsorships for the next upcoming term.

“My main goals are to continue building the relationships we haven’t been able to keep in past years,” Joya said. “Specifically from our sponsors, the Las Vegas Kiwanis Club. As of recent though, I love that our club has been able to work with a small, local cafe called Matcha Cafe Maiko, so I hope we can continue to do so for the upcoming term.”

Cailin ‘Kay’ Reyes is the new secretary for Key Club. Reyes’s main goal right now for Key Club is to receive Silver for the Member Recognition Program and to increase membership since Key Club is very beneficial. As secretary Reyes is expected to keep track of the clubs MRF (Monthly Report Form), track every member’s service hours, and to take meeting minutes at every meeting. Reyes really enjoys Key Club for many reasons.

“My favorite part of Key Club is giving back to the community (as Key Club is service based) and connecting with people from different schools, cities, and states,” Reyes said. “Since our Key Club district (CNH) is so huge with over 20K members, you are able to meet so many people.”

Dora de Leon Ramos is the Vice President of Service. Some of Ramos’s goals as vice president include increasing member participation and member sign ups by increasing event advertisements, making events more accessible, and making events more appealing. As Vice President of Service, Ramos is expected to promote, inform, and create service events and projects that their members can participate in to help the community and gain service hours, and she is also expected to help out board members who can’t complete their duties. Ramos is very excited to do many things as Vice president of Service.

“As Vice President of Service, I’m definitely most excited to help the communities most in need right now, meaning the homeless, youth, and minority communities here in Vegas through service events and/or projects,” Ramos said. “This means things like making hygiene kits, socktober, DIY blankets to donate to children, book donations, etc.”

Bryana Zarate is the new technology/bulletin editor. Zarate said there are so many things to be excited about as the new tech/bulletin editor, but she is really excited to work with a team who is very hard working, and she is excited to make presentations in a new creative way. Zarate’s goals for Key Clubs include interacting with some of the new members and having them more involved and to work with other schools’ tech editors so they could get inspired and not be rivals. As tech/bulletin editor, Zarate is in charge of websites, newsletters, social media, and making the slide presentations for the general meetings.

“There’s a lot I’m excited about for being next year’s tech editor!” Zarate said. “I get the huge blessing of working with a team that is hard working, not only for the board but the whole club! I’m also excited about making the news/presentations in a creative way, because it’s a passion of mine to make graphics and to have others inspired by their creativity always brings a smile to my face.”

Elisha Williams is the new treasurer who was also treasurer last term. As treasurer, Williams is expected to get members into Key Club and maintain them throughout the year. Other tasks also include hosting fundraisers, managing the club banking account, collecting dues and fees for various events, and signing off on donations. Williams loves being able to serve the community. Williams’s main goals for Key Club include not only increasing the number of members they have but also maintaining them. Williams is very excited to begin new fundraisers and make the Key Club family bigger.

“Personally, I am most excited to start new fundraisers if our situation allows it.” Williams said. “I was treasurer last term too, and unfortunately due to COVID, we couldn’t do much fundraising, so I’m most excited about that.”