Link Crew Leaders Lead First Friday in March


Isabella Medina

Freshmen and Link Crew Leaders play What do you meme. It was the final round of the game before the event ended.

Isabella Medina, Reporter

Freshman First Friday, hosted on March 5, included Link Crew leaders spending time and having some fun with their freshmen groups.

As students came in, there was music being played, such as “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars with many students having their cameras on and having fun with the games that were played.

“I had a lot of fun during Freshman First Friday; there was a buzz, students had their cameras on, and seeing the reactions made me excited to be coming back to in-person teaching,” Link Crew adviser Nicholas Booker said.

During First Friday, students played two games during the event, the first one being bingo. Link Crew adviser Jodi Cunningham called out the numbers for the game for students to check on their cards that they had on their computers.

“My favorite part was everyone’s involvement and seeing freshmen actually wanting to participate; it’s a good feeling,” junior Julian Luis Guinto said.

Finally after several rounds of Bingo, there was a little space for the other game called What Do You Meme. There were two rounds played where students would try to write a meme for the picture that was presented to them.

“I had so much fun at the Freshmen First Friday from last week,” junior Rafael Pena said. “My favorite part from the event was the game, What Do You Meme. I feel grateful about last week’s Freshmen First Friday because I had fun playing bingo and the What Do You Meme game. It was awesome, and I hope the next one is more exciting.”