Magness and Wheatley Get Certified

Social Studies teacher Brooke Wheatley is now a National Board Certified Teacher. She received her online certificate paired with fireworks via email.

Kaylani Rodrigues, Reporter

Teachers Brooke Wheatley and Andrew Magness became certified teachers by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS).

The NBPTS is an organization that encourages teachers to better their quality of teaching in order to improve students’ ability to learn. The certification process requires teachers to complete four components, which test what they know about what they teach, how they teach it, how their students learn, and how they encourage student growth. The process can take anywhere from one to five years.

“You have to go to a special testing center and you have to take a big test on your content,” Wheatley said. “Mr. Magness and I are both social studies teachers so we worked together. We mapped out a plan, but we wrote our own separate essays, and we would read and edit each other’s work. We studied together, but then we each had to take our own separate tests.”

Becoming a certified teacher is difficult. This is why Magness and Wheatley chose to work together.

“I really would not recommend going through the certification process alone,” Wheatley said.

While the workload is heavy, the benefits outweigh it. National Board certified teachers not only take what they learn from NBPTS and apply it in the classroom ,but they also receive a salary increase.

“Was it worth it?” Magness said. “Sure. We get paid an extra five percent for five years, which is a reason why I did it.”