AOHT Seniors Test Workplace Readiness


Kahleia Corpuz

Hospitality and tourism students participate in a test that analyzes workplace readiness skills. The test was also given to students in other CTE classes.

Lisa Norris, Reporter

The official testing day for AOHT seniors to test their workplace readiness skills was held on March 4th and 5th.

The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism (AOHT) teaches students hospitality and tourism-related classes for students to have a strong academic foundation in business, social studies, and other subjects. Mainly, senior students who are in the AOHT program are required to take the test. If a student passes, they will be rewarded with six free college credits for ANY university they choose.

“The testing is for College Credit for the Career and Technical Education class that they were participating in,” AOHT’s Associate Director Lisa Withrow said.

The test is mainly for seniors, since it takes eight semesters to be qualified for the requirements to be able to take it, but other students who fit into the requirements can apply.

“The test is only for program completers,” Withrow said. “AOHT requires a four-year-program for completion, so it is only for seniors. Other Career & Technical Education classes (CTE) can have completors after three years, such as the Marketing program of study.”

There are some other requirements for the test, including the most important one: their grade point average. However, other tests are required to be taken as well.

“Each student must have a min[imum] GPA of 3.0 in their AOHT classes for the entire 4 years,” Withrow said, “and pass both Nevada State Standardized tests including the WorkPlace Readiness exam in addition to the Hospitality & Tourism content test.”

The testing was all held online for the students’ and teachers’ safety. Withrow also mentioned that another testing date will be coming up next week to test students’ knowledge on Hospitality and Tourism content.

“The Hospitality & Tourism content test will be the week of March 15th,” Withrow said. “It is an online test monitored by our CTE testing facilitator counselor Mr. Tomeo.”

Students do have resources to help them study for this test if needed, but it isn’t necessarily a must.

“They were not required to do anything for the test in advance,” Withrow said, “but I offered a Test Prep Bootcamp the day before and will do so again for the next test in a few weeks.”

Counselor Jerry Tomeo who facilitated the exam also mentioned that not only AOHT students took the exam, but third year students who are involved in Video Production as well as Forensic Science, Marketing, and Theatre Tech took the test, too.

“It is mostly seniors,” Tomeo said, “but the test was for any student currently enrolled in the second semester of a 3rd or 4th year CTE class or what we call a completer class.”

Tomeo had made it a little more clear to understand how the third year and fourth year of the students’ testing works.

“A student needs to be in the second semester of the completer course for their CTE program,” Tomeo said. “Usually third year, but Hospitality and Tourism students will take the test during their senior year, which for most will be their fourth year.”