“Coming 2 America” Only For Nostalgia

Coming 2 America is the sequel to the 1988 Coming to America movie.  It starred many of the original characters from the first movie, which premiered over 30 years ago.

Courtesy of Prime Video

“Coming 2 America” is the sequel to the 1988 “Coming to America” movie. It starred many of the original characters from the first movie, which premiered over 30 years ago.

Kaylani Rodrigues, Reporter

“Coming 2 America” is an Amazon Prime original film that came out on March 5, 2021.

This movie is the sequel to the 1988 movie “Coming to America.” While I don’t completely despise this movie, I don’t love it because it’s not better than the original and most definitely didn’t feel needed.

“Coming 2 America” starts off with Prince Akeem becoming king after the passing of his father. After becoming King, he must find an heir to the throne in case of his unfortunate demise. While looking for his heir, which by tradition must be a man, he is told he has a son born out of wedlock in the heart of Queens that he unknowingly left behind 30 years ago. King Akeem then goes on to take his son back to his country, Zamunda, and train him to become its next king, which also includes rigorous trials and an arranged marriage with the daughter of the General in the neighboring country.

I would say I don’t like this movie because I did feel as if it wasn’t needed after more than 30 years. As in the case of most sequels, the first movie was better. I felt as if this movie didn’t necessarily give fans of the first one any sort of closure or want for continuation. It wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t awful, and I found it somewhere in the middle. It also seemed like the most interesting parts of the movie were sped through whereas I would’ve appreciated some more elaborance.

Another reason I didn’t love this movie is because the ending was extremely predictable. I knew exactly how the movie would end by watching the first 20 minutes of it. I would’ve liked to see some kind of plot twist or even a few more action scenes. It was hard for me to pay attention because of the predictability, which made the movie less interesting. I definitely believe that a simple plot twist would have a huge impact on the movie’s overall rating.

“Coming 2 America” is comparable to the original “Coming to America” movie. The first movie was unique, funny, and attention grabbing while I felt the second one sort of fell flat in those aspects. The first movie provided the audience with emotion and a sense of attachment to the characters and plot, while the second movie felt more detached. While this movie did provide me with a sense of nostalgia, it wasn’t something I felt as if I needed. It could’ve been executed better.

Overall, I do recommend this movie but only to fans of the first movie. To people who haven’t seen or didn’t like the 1988 film, it isn’t a good movie in general. It’s a type of movie that is more so for nostalgia than for the plot itself. I give this movie about a 6.5 out of 10. It wasn’t bad; it just wasn’t amazing and/or necessary. However, I do recommend watching the first movie.