Gear Up Raises Rebels


Kahleia Corpuz

Gear Up partners with UNLV to host six virtual meetings about college. The program focuses on helping low income students go through postsecondary education.

Lisa Norris, Reporter

Six virtual meetings are to be hosted by UNLV’s Gear Up program, a program situated on Valley’s campus, for 9th and 10th grade students who want to attend a college or university. The program began March 10.

Valley understands that not all families can afford the cost to send their children to college, and that is why there’s the Gear Up program. Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Program, or the Gear Up Program, is designed for students who can’t afford to go to college, providing grants for students who want to obtain higher education.

“Our presentations are mainly about post-secondary education,” academic counselor Tom Ray said. “What is post-secondary education? Whether you want to go to a trade-school (welding, cosmetology, HVAC repair), the military, or college, we are here to help you decide and explore the potential career and education choices that are out there. Whatever you choose, we will support you 100%. Sometimes we bring in guest speakers from the outside to speak on their professions, but in general, our UNLV GEAR UP coordinators will be conducting the event.”

Ray has made it clear that students do not need to apply to be enrolled in the UNLV Gear Up program. Students who are in 9th or 10th grade automatically are participants, just needing their parents and themselves to fill out the yearly survey for the program.

“In regards to our Raising Rebels series, we are presenting on how to become college-ready,” Ray said. “The term “Raising Rebels” plays on the fact that UNLV’s mascot is Hey Reb and is a rebel, so the name implies that the workshops are to raise upcoming undergraduate students attending UNLV for college.”

There is no limit on how many students can attend the meetings since they are virtual, but anything in person is of course limited for safety purposes. With UNLV staff presenting this event, students get a better understanding as they learn what to expect from college or a university.

“I’m looking forward to learning more about what I should prepare and what I should expect going into college,” freshman Maya Kingham said.

The six virtual meetings are being held through April 21. Students should take into consideration that through the opportunity, UNLV staff and students are extremely willing to answer any and all questions about college.

“I like how they prepare you and are always open to answer questions,” Kingham said. “I like that you can directly ask them questions and how they elaborate when talking rather than just reading a text.”

Sophomore Areli Salcedo Guerra signed up for the Gear Up program with UNLV to know more about getting a postsecondary education.

“I got involved in Gear Up because of all the amazing opportunities that it has, but mostly for me it was because of how it focuses on college,” Salcedo Guerra said. “They have workshops about that, and I find that really useful.”

These meetings are for any students who are interested in and already involved in the Gear Up program, even if a student isn’t interested in going to college.

“I like that Gear Up can be for anyone that is planning to go to college or wants to learn more things about that,” Salcedo Guerra said. “I like that the virtual meetings are interactive and informational. For instance, I went to a workshop today about majors and careers in college. This was a very helpful experience, and it can help others visualize what they want to do in the future.”