Key Club Promotes Glasses for Tombo


Wonkyung Lee

Matcha Cafe Maiko is working as the current drop off location for Glasses for Tombo. Key Club is hosting an event where students are able to drop off glasses.

Valeria Garcia Alcala, Reporter

People can donate used glasses for those in need through Glasses for Tombo, a project hosted by Key Club, held at Matcha Cafe Maiko located at 3400 S Jones Blvd #3.

This event’s theme is Studio Ghibli, and the name Tombo is actually a character in Kiki’s Delivery Service who wears glasses, hence the name of this event, Key Club’s Vice President of Relations Wonkyung Lee said.

“Members and customers are able to drop off their glasses throughout the duration of the event, which is March 11th to March 25th,” Lee said. “Those donating are allowed to donate both un-prescribed and prescribed glasses, as well as sunglasses. The glasses cannot be broken. Additionally, customers who donated will receive a 10 percent discount off their order at Matcha Cafe Maiko. At the end of the event, all glasses will be donated to the Lions Club Foundation, from which they will donate the glasses to those in need.”

This project is being hosted by all of the Key Club members. Key Club members were given the idea by the Kiwanis Club of Las Vegas, an organization that they work with often. Because of this, they decided to make this project come true and do it themselves Lee said. Many Key Club members and advisers are involved with the project.

“Myself, President Malynee Sackdavone, Secretary Elisa Velis Joya , Vice President of Service Aida Solano, our advisors Mr. Ryan Ocampo and Mrs. Trisa Swenson, and all of Valley Key Club [are involved],” Lee said.

Lee was involved from the beginning.

“As the Vice President of Relations, I was in charge of initiating the first form of contact with Matcha Cafe Maiko, the business who serves as a drop off location for these glasses,” Lee said. “I was also in charge of communicating with the Kiwanis Club of Las Vegas to learn more about how the club can participate in this event.”

The event is good to help students see why they should be involved. It’s important for students to learn more of the inequities in the world and to take action to help Lee said.

“Through this service project, those who participate will learn that there are many individuals with impaired vision who do not have access to glasses” Lee said. “In other words, this event will raise awareness of this issue. Additionally, members are given an opportunity to take leadership by donating to this very cause. However, anyone is welcome to donate!”