Mini Stylus Results in Big Plus


Isabella Medina

This is a digital drawing of Varian from tangled the series. It was made on Medibang Paint with the small stylus.

Isabella Medina, Reporter

There are many steps to making a digital drawing, like finding an app or program to use, the device to draw on, and what to draw with – specifically styluses. Styluses can go for a lot of money depending on the quality and brand, and there are a variety of shapes, sizes, and types like there are electrical ones as well as very little small ones.

I found a very small stylus in the Lowes’s keychain section that is very small, smaller than my thumb actually. It’s shaped like a matchstick and made of metal, and since it’s made of metal and rubber for the tip, it’s a hard durable tip, which I love. Also, it was really cheap, and I found it at Lowes for around two dollars. For the artwork I was able to do with it, I felt that it was worth it. I draw with it as if I was lighting a matchstick, but it isn’t flimsy, which I find makes it a bigger plus.

The reason I love this stylus is because it’s sturdy and has a hard, strong tip. I’ve had several styluses over the past five years of my digital art experience, and most of them were cheap and flimsy. The tips would fall off or rip in at least a month since it was thin and flimsy rubber, so much that I would use my finger or even make my own disposable stylus that would last a few hours. This isn’t the case currently for this stylus since it’s made of metal and the rubber is thicker to support the metal stick it’s attached to, and I prefer harder tips since I find it easier to control than flimsier ones.

However, a small con I have with this stylus is that it’s small, smaller than my hand, and I have lost it a couple times. It was pretty hard to find since it’s tiny and thin as well, but a thing that a person can do to fix this is make a hand lanyard to put on a wrist, like a bracelet, and use it to write or draw. I made my own out of silver beads that extend so I can use it on my wrist and wrap around my wrist like a bracelet.

Overall, I recommend this stylus to digital artists because it’s sturdy and cheap to find at Lowes. I feel the only problem was its size, but it can be easily fixed with a lanyard or bracelet. It’s a great product for something so small.