Degeratu Determined to Excel


Bobby Degeratu

Senior Bobby Degeratu is an active member of many different school programs. He also created the IB Council elective course.

Kaylani Rodrigues, Reporter

Senior Bobby Degeratu has devoted his high school career to becoming the best student he can be.

Degeratu is an active member of Valley’s student body. He has been a part of many clubs at Valley including Model United Nations, Valley Viking Scholars, Intercouncil, Varsity Quiz, and Thor’s Hammer. He feels that each club has aided him in building new skills and improving current ones.

“Varsity Quiz is a big one, which I have been a part of since it was just Junior Varsity Quiz in 7th Grade. I’ve worked my way up to captain this season and helped bring many updates to the club, including a website and school-wide virtual events,” Degeratu said. “I’m also a proud member of the IB Program, and I’ve helped with IB Council since my freshman year, hosting socials, support groups, and helping plan a retreat.”

While Degeratu has accomplished plenty in numerous clubs, he is especially proud of creating the IB Council elective course during his sophomore year. He admitted there were some challenges but working with all grades in a student-driven environment made it worth it.

“After joining swim and losing some members due to the spring sports season, I submitted a proposal to Ms. Fricker and Ms. Esparza just to see what would happen,” Degeratu said. “I was overjoyed that the following year, it would be a year-long class, allowing us to focus on our goals and plan more events for the school community. I hope after the pandemic, that class can return and continue positively impacting the IB program.”

After a successful three years in middle school and hearing about the rigor of DP (11th-12th Grade in IB), Degeratu sometimes doubted his ability to perform well academically and serve his school’s environment.

“I would definitely encourage my freshman self to not be afraid to take risks and speak up to make an impact,” Degeratu said. “I haven’t always been the leader type, and I still do shy away from opportunities at times for fear of being judged or being wrong. I’m working towards improving that, but if my past self knew that I could bring an entirely new course to Valley or a new club, I would have tried to make a lot more of those changes happen.”

Due to having incredible educators, Degeratu feels that Valley has taught him a lot. He feels that his teachers have appreciated and intellectually tested him. Before and during the pandemic, Degeratu’s educators have shown him levels of care and understanding that push him to become a better student.

“I owe a lot to Valley HS for instilling some crucial qualities in me,” Degeratu said. “I’ve had some incredible educators, like Ms. Porter, who, over the course of three years, taught me to think outside the box and never back down from a challenge. This year, Ms. Caterina has been an exceptional asset in helping me navigate the struggles of the pandemic and always think rationally. The IB program itself is built on a platform of unity and authenticity that I have not seen anywhere else in my life. The friends I’ve made are equally amazing–inspirational people who empower me and have changed my life for the better. On top of all that, there’s the administration, without whom some of my initiatives like the IB Council class wouldn’t be possible.”

After graduating and taking what he has learned with him, Degeratu wants to attend UNLV, study either biochemistry or psycholog, and become a psychiatrist.

“I want to pursue a career path that is challenging and fulfilling, combining my desire to help others with my love for science,” Degeratu said. “I would be the first in my family to go to college in the US, as well as embark on a career path that my parents would be very proud of me for. But as I explore different options and see how the world continues to change, I’ll still keep an open mind.”

Degeratu’s other passion besides school and science is writing. He feels that the activity presents itself as a learning opportunity, especially when receiving criticism. He hopes to publish a novel in the future without making writing a full time career, feeling as it would take the joy out of a process.

“Writing is my biggest passion in life, which sparks from the way in which I best express myself. I don’t attribute my writing style or inspiration to anything in particular, as it’s just something that I have enjoyed doing more and more as I’ve grown older,” Degeratu said. “The same way some people paint or dance, I channel my emotions, ideas, and dreams into my writing. The positive feedback I have received on my writing has also been a push to continue, from teachers and friends alike.”

Degeratu has worked hard to become a hard working student. He has had to overcome many obstacles like learning to work well with others, how to perform under pressure, and how to work outside of his comfort zone. He worked diligently and by the time he had reached high school, he learned how to create a functional and successful routine.

“A lot goes into upholding the student that I worked so hard to become, especially after my difficult decision to join IB in the 4th Grade,” Degeratu said. “I didn’t have a fraction of the work ethic or mindset that I have now, which was developed through diligently studying, trial and error, looking to others for advice, and setting goals. I’m far from perfect, however, I’ve got a whole life ahead of me to continue refining my choices and path towards success.”