Wheatley Loves Lightbulb Moments


Lisa Norris

Brooke Wheatley finishes her work for the school day. Wheatley had worked hard that day striving to bring a lightbulb moment to her students.

Lisa Norris, Reporter

Brooke Wheatley is an IB teacher, who teaches History of the Americas and Theory of Knowledge.

Wheatley wants nothing more than to see all students succeed; as a teacher, this what her job is all about.

“I love to see my students finally grasp a concept they were struggling with,” Wheatley said. “I love the lightbulb moments and the growth from the beginning to the end of the year.”

It is always a good feeling when seeing students understand a topic and master it. Wheatley wanted to become a teacher because of the influence from her mom, who is also a teacher; her mom became her role model, and she followed through her footsteps.

Wheatley especially wants the safety of her students to be her top priority, making them feel comfortable with their surroundings and more confident in their future.

“My goal is to create a space where students feel safe, welcomed, and look forward to coming daily,” Wheatley said. “And for my students, I want them to be able to get into the college of their dreams.”

Wheatley enjoys the little pleasures life has to offer; each morning before going to work she looks forward to seeing her son and spending time with him before starting her day.

“I love morning cuddles with my son while we are both getting ready,” Wheatley said. “He’s four and the cutest thing ever.”

Wheatley also likes to play sports and spend time with her family, as well as visit new places.

“I love playing basketball. I love being a mom. I love my family,” Wheatley said. “I’m lucky my sister lives in Vegas with her kids, so I spend as much time as possible with them and my niece and nephew. I like hiking and travelling, too.”