Many Art Supplies Are Overpriced


Isabella Medina

Inks and bottles of paint are some of the main things that are expensive with many bottles with over 5 to 10 dollars. Isabella Medina explores the topic on why art supplies should be priced lower.

Isabella Medina, Reporter

A major struggle with artists in the art community is the cost of many art supplies in art shops.

High brands in art supplies, such as Copic Markers and Prismacolors, come in sets of hundreds and are arguably considered to be some of the best art supplies amongst the art community. For an artist on a low budget like myself, it is like a dream to have these pricey pencils that have single pencils costing around three to seven dollars – a price I wish could be lower.

Many art supplies were once made with rare or expensive materials like furs, animals, and even gems throughout history. An example of one of these materials was a color known as Tyrian Purple; this color would be made by many crushed up snails for a purple dye that was considered royalty, and only royal family members could get it because it was so valuable with its price being three times its weight in gold. There were also some popular colors that were toxic like Emerald Green, which was made with arsenic. The color in materials poisoned many in the colonial era. A type of material that was also really valuable was the fur of minks and animals for paint brushes for portraits of the royal family and the rich.

Now in the current days of the modern era, many supplies, such as inks and paints, are made with synthetic materials in laboratories. This means that no one should be getting poisoned while drawing or painting with not too valuable items being used to make such materials. Since the items used to create the product are not so costly, I feel that prices should be lowered a little more than they are currently. Also, considering the size of products like tubes of paint or pens with very little ink, the prices should also be lowered in this situation.

There are still art shops that do sell some expensive items like brushes made out of real animal fur and are exported from far away. Some advice for artists on a low budget is to try to look for cheaper brands that have good quality since it may take awhile for the struggle of expensive art supplies to go down.