DC Icons Puts A Spin on Superheroes


Lisa Norris

“Wonder Woman: Warbringer” is a book about the heroine Wonder Woman, who is on her first real battle to save the entire world and a girl. The book displays Wonder Woman’s faithfulness to her promise to protect the girl and the world.

Lisa Norris, Reporter

Wonder Woman on film has been very popular throughout the years 2016 to 2020, ending the viewers with the latest film being “Wonder Woman 1984.” Wonder Woman has also been very popular in the comic book section, as well as the chapter books. I have read “Wonder Woman: Warbringer,” a book by Leigh Bardugo in the DC Icons series, which I enjoyed.

Wonder Woman, or Diana, wants to prove her strength to her Amazon sisters, but because she is the youngest, she is considered to be the weakest. Diana then is put in a situation where she could be exiled from Paradise Islands, and the situation is that an African American human girl, Alia, is stranded on the island and only Diana knows. Because of this, Diana has to get rid of the girl, well more like escort her back to New York. The girl herself is normal, at least she thinks she is, but she is unknowingly a Warbinger. This puts Wonder Woman in a dilemma because she is doing all this alone and for the sake of not only the girl but also the whole world as well.

I am not a movie person. I can’t find myself to sit comfortably for two hours and watch someone else succeed in a goal I want to achieve. However, I can read for hours if the book is extremely good! And, this book was!

To me it was good because Bardugo kept Wonder Woman exactly the same as from her old version but she highlighted some things that might not have been clear to the readers, like the Greek Gods and how they play a role in the Amazon life.

Bardugo also went more in depth in Diana’s personal life, explaining how she believes to be the weakest of her people, yet she is the strongest.

DC Icons are like canon series in anime or fanfiction. Bardugo has written Wonder Woman in a way she saw her but kept her exactly the same as she was originally written.

One thing Bardugo didn’t stick with from the original was giving Wonder Woman the ability to fly. I love and prefer the original version of Wonder Woman, before the reboot, and I do like that in “Wonder Woman 1984” the screenwriters made it so that she had a suit instead that made flying possible. This is also shown in the comics as well.

I won’t give any spoilers for anyone who wants to read the book, which is really cheap! At least on Ebook, the price for the book is $6.99. For Wonder Woman fans, this book is something I think would be really entertaining and enjoyable; I really enjoyed reading it with the suspense and action it had to offer!