The Lopez Twins Continue to Find Balance

Ania Lopez is currently working towards a career in STEM. She is employed with her twin sister at the Discovery Children’s Museum to help fund her degree.

Kahleia Corpuz, Editor-in-Chief

Alumnae Ania and Lidia Lopez have chosen to continue their journey outside of Valley by balancing their time in the workforce and the classroom.

The Lopez twins were involved in JROTC during their time at Valley with Lidia being involved in mariachi and theater, which she claims helped to develop her personality.

“The one thing I remember the most about Valley was theater and mariachi,” Lidia said. “Those classes showed me to be outgoing and to have fun when I perform.”

While what Lidia remembered most about Valley was the classes, Ania remembered how welcoming Valley’s teachers were.

“The thing I remember most about Valley is how friendly and approachable the teachers were,” Ania said. “This shaped me in the sense that I can approach my professors in college more confidently.”

Both Ania and Lidia listed teachers that made their high school experience enjoyable, both noting Valley’s JROTC instructors Sergeant Vild and Chief White as memorable teachers.

According to Ania, Sergeant Vild always taught her “that you can always have fun.”

They are currently enrolled at the College of Southern Nevada with Ania pursuing a mechanical engineering degree and Lidia pursuing a criminal justice degree. To help pay for their education, the Lopez twins are employed at the Discovery Children’s Museum, a STEM-based museum. Balancing work and school has been one of their biggest personal accomplishments.

“I have accomplished going to college and saving my money for college expenses,” Ania said, with Lidia adding, “What I have accomplished is learning how to manage my school and work at the same time.”

They are both motivated by the women who act as role models in their life to continue going no matter what.

“My greatest inspiration and motivation is my aunt because she is a kind and caring person who lends a hand and helps others,” Lidia said, with Ania adding, “My mom is my greatest inspiration and motivation because she is the most hard working and independent person I know.”