Club Orgullo Hispano Donates Tennis Rackets to Team


(Left to right) Adviser Gustavo Oseguera, Viviana Partida, Maria de Los Angeles Pena, Softball Coach Scott Pallay, and Tennis Coach Michael Kowall holding donated tennis rackets on the tennis courts.

Valeria Garcia Alcala, Reporter

Club Orgullo Hispano’s members and sponsors collected used rackets from yard sales and Las Vegas residents who helped to donate to Valley’s Tennis team.

Gustavo Oseguera, Aldo Aguirre, advisers to Club Orgullo Hispano, presented the donated rackets on Wednesday, April 14 to Athletic Director Scott Pallay, and Tennis Coach Micheal Kowal. Both club members and sponsors worked hard to be able to purchase and collect used tennis rackets and additionally Las Vegas residents joined in and donated more used rackets.

“The club members and sponsor worked over the summer to purchase used tennis rackets from garage sales and private individuals.” Oseguera said. “Additionally, some kind Las Vegas Residents donated a couple of tennis rackets when they learned the rackets would benefit inner-city youth from Valley High School.”

This project will impact Valley’s tennis team in a positive way, but it will also teach the students in Club Orgullo Hispano to focus less on the things they don’t have and more on what they can do for others, and according to Oseguera, students will find great joy and satisfaction. These rackets will impact the tennis team by letting peers build relationships with the community through a sport like tennis, and they hope they will be able to help a Viking who couldn’t afford to buy their own racket.

“Valley High School has a long tradition of State Tennis Champions, and while we are always hoping to win another trophy for VHS, we believe that our donation may help our peers to build relationships and a broader sense of community through a sport like tennis,” Oseguera said. “We hope our donation may give a Viking who may not otherwise have been able to afford her/his/their own racket, a chance to play tennis.”

The main purpose or goal of this donation is to show all of the VHS community that a small gift, in this case a tennis racket, can change the life of a young adult. Their final goal is to inspire other Viking clubs to create programs to benefit less fortunate Vikings. Apart from the purpose or goal of this donation, Oseguera said that it is important to donate and help out the less fortunate because it is very important to come together and come closer as the community we are.

“We are living in rather unique circumstances at the present time, and the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that we need to help one another and come together,” Oseguera said. “The donation of the tennis rackets may help to provide a Viking an opportunity to connect with other students, with caring adults like our VHS coaches, volunteers and the tennis community…. It is possible that more Vikings may be feeling isolated and disconnected…. We want to help to build a stronger Viking Happy Family.”