Student Council Creates 2021 Senior Legacy Project


Kamiya Rodrigues

The Student Council Senior Legacy Project allows seniors to leave their mark on Valley before they go. This year’s senior project is one that many can see from the horseshoe.

Kamiya Rodrigues, Reporter

The Stuco Senior Legacy Project is a project that centers around seniors leaving their mark on Valley.

“The 2021 senior legacy project will involve giant letters, VHS, in the outdoor quad where students can pose in front of these letters and look back in the future of their fond high school memories,” Senior Adviser Vince Bognot said.

Seniors will work together on improving Valley while creating something that they can look back on. This same idea has been seen at other schools, and Valley will be joining them in putting school spirit into a more physical form.

“We think this VHS giant letters would be the best legacy that we as Class of 2021 could leave to Valley High School,” Senior Representative Ira Meleqi said. “We’ve seen many examples of these letters at other high schools, but of course, ours would be the best!!!”

This project will serve as a tribute to not just students but their parents as well who were greatly impacted by Covid-19. The pandemic impacted seniors who did not get the chance at a normal senior year.

“This monument will be dedicated to all those who experienced the Covid-19 pandemic,” Meleqi said. “This pandemic was definitely a defining factor of our senior year and it affected all Vikings and their families.”

Vikings will only grow from here and continue to be Viking strong.

“This monument commemorates those we’ve lost and whether or not they are still with us, and we have remained Viking strong the entire way,” Meleqi said.