Valley Girls Play on Another League


Tarina Elliott

Some of Valley’s Girls Volleyball team had the opportunity to play this year but not for their school team. They joined a recreational league team organized by the City of Henderson.

Kaylani Rodrigues, Reporter

Some students on Valley’s Girls Volleyball team joined a recreational league team organized by the City of Henderson in February 2021.

“Because of Covid the girls volleyball season was cancelled,” Head Volleyball Coach Tarina Elliott said. “For my seniors I knew how hard this was for them to not get to play their last year of high school and for my programs I knew I had to do something to keep the players motivated.”

The City of Henderson Parks and Recreation department opened up for recreational sports. They wanted to start a high school division league because CCSD didn’t approve fall sports.This allowed Coach Elliott to sponsor a team of players to be a part of a league there.

“This was a non school/ccsd associated league,” Elliott said. “The girls who came out all had written permission from their parents/guardians and participated in COVID screenings each time they played plus followed all recommended procedures from the CDC.”

The girls played in the recreational league for about two months. During this time they played a few games against eight different teams. They even won a couple of games.

“I was happy to be able to have the players all together as a team again and also that the seniors got a chance to have somewhat of a season to play,” Elliott said.

The recreational league was organized for the girls to be able to play and stay motivated since volleyball season was cancelled. The students who did participate in this league found it to be exciting and beneficial.

“This is my first year at Valley, so I don’t know what it’s like to play on the official team, but playing for the league helped me get a sense of the team I will be playing with in the season, and I loved it!” Junior Kennedi Terry said.

As spring sports are returning at Valley, student athletes are anticipating upcoming volleyball intramurals.

“I’m so ready for spring sports to start back up again even though I will probably be very rusty considering I haven’t played/ practiced seriously in a year since COVID,” Terry said. “I’m ready to get back in the gym and learn new things. I’m ready to challenge myself and become the best player I can be.” Terry said.

Coach Elliott is also excited for sports to return this year. She’s confident girls volleyball will have a good season.
“I am so happy our student athletes get to be back in action in all the sports offered to our athletes!” Elliot said.