Pallay Pushes Students to Their Full Potential

Coach Pallay pushes forward in coaching softball. Pallay had a variety of jobs before becoming the softball coach at Valley.

Valley Photographer

Coach Pallay pushes forward in coaching softball. Pallay had a variety of jobs before becoming the softball coach at Valley.

Kamiya Rodrigues, Reporter

Valley’s current softball coach, Scott Pallay, aims to share his love for softball with students and help them reach their full athletic potential.

“At Valley I am the Athletic Director, PE Teacher and Softball Coach,” Pallay said. “As Athletic Director, I back up Athletic Administrator Thomas Smith in all aspects of our athletic programs. I ensure that all of our coaches have and maintain the necessary licenses and certifications the state and school district insist on, work on home games with ticket selling and ticket taking, and prepare and file the paperwork with CCSD, so that our coaches and the staff who work at our home games get paid for their efforts. I also am responsible for getting athletes cleared to play and to monitor their grades, so that they meet the eligibility requirements of both the state and CCSD.”

Pallay’s job as a teacher and as a coach don’t always overlap. Teaching PE and coaching require different approaches yet both focus around physical activity and education.

“As a PE teacher, I am involved in teaching my students the rules and fundamentals of a number of different sports and activities while also emphasizing the importance of incorporating fitness into their daily routine,” Pallay said. “As a softball coach, I have the joy and pleasure of coaching the greatest young women.”

Before teaching and coaching at Valley, Pallay had been through his fair share of jobs in search of his dream job.

“When I graduated college as a PE Major at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, I could not even get an interview let alone get a job,” Pallay said. “So with the assistance of my father I entered the world of Insurance. The first four years I was in sales, and then for 17 years, I was Vice President of Customer Service for a large Insurance Administrator…. I had been coaching softball at a local Catholic School, and then out of the blue one day they asked if I would like to be their new Athletic Director and PE Teacher. I JUMPED at the opportunity, and found it truly to be my dream job. I spent the next year teaching PE for a local K-8 charter school but did not like it because, due to the hours, I could no longer coach high school softball. From my visits to Las Vegas, I knew Las Vegas had a teacher shortage, so I applied online. Then again out of the blue, I received a phone call from Mr. Smith, and I interviewed for a PE Position over the phone with him. When he told me the job was mine, and I could also be the new Head Softball Coach, I told him “Where do I sign?” The rest is history, and I have really enjoyed my four years at Valley High School.”

Pallay has a variety of interests and hobbies that he enjoys while not at Valley.

“I love history and all kinds of sports teams, especially the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Bradley University men’s Basketball team,” Pallay said. “Walking, jogging, bowling, golf, Blackjack, and Pai Gow Poker” are also favorite activities.

Physical education plays a big role in Pallay’s life even when outside of Valley. When asked about his everyday life, he responded with a casual tone.

“Very sedate,” Pallay said. “[I] just try to stay fit, exercise and eat healthy, and visit the casinos one to two times per month.”

As the bond between his team and him grows stronger, Pallay says the job becomes more enjoyable. Being able to watch students grow together is a sight to behold.

“I just love the culture Ms. Esparza has created at Valley, and have the utmost respect for and appreciate working for Mr. Smith very much,” Pallay said. “I just love my ‘Softball Daughters;’ every year just gets better and more enjoyable for me.”