Valley Praises Students and Teachers Through the Month of April


Kahleia Corpuz

Valley celebrates its monthly Viking of the Month Ceremony. For the month of April, the ceremony was still conducted digitally.

Lisa Norris, Reporter

The April Viking of the Month ceremony was held on April 14, 2021.

Students who attended were recognized for their good behavior, grades, and Viking values. Students during the meeting were told who recommended them and the reason for the recommendation. The meeting had trivia games, prizes, and lots of support from teachers and staff who also attended to see students receive their certificates. Students who attended wanted to share their feelings on receiving Viking on the Month.

“I was really surprised when I got the email that I was the Viking of the Month,” student Lesley Bautista said. “I feel joy. It came as a surprise.”

Some recipients also shared some advice for other students to follow while they shared their feelings.

“How I feel about being chosen as Viking of the month is just happiness and delight,” student Bianca Vasquez Cruz said. “I’m very proud of myself and of my hard work this year, that it made me realize a lot of things that could happen in the future for me if I just keep doing what I’m doing now. Advice that I would give to someone that would like to achieve this is not to give up and to just keep going even though sometimes it may seem too much or too difficult, just keep going because hard work pays off.”

For other students, receiving Viking of the Month gave them a sense of accomplishment and reassurance for their hard work.

“It feels like I achieved something great, and that I actually was recognized for the work I put in, and that it pays off if you continue pushing for something you truly want to accomplish,” student Ka’macci Taylor said. “My advice to someone who would want to achieve this award is to just continue to work hard and don’t let anything get in your way even close friends and family; continue to shoot for the goal you want to achieve and get done what you need to get done.”

However, students aren’t the only ones who are being praised for their hard work, teachers and staff members are as well. For April, Teacher of the Month is Stan Willis and Support Staff of the Month is Tarina Elliot who shared how she felt receiving the award.

“I appreciate getting acknowledged; it’s nice to feel appreciated,” Elliot said. “I am happy others feel like they can rely on me to get things done and be an asset to the team here at Valley.”

Congratulations to April’s Vikings of the Month:

Stephen Duku
Cinthia Diaz Garcia
Benjamin Davis
Ki’macci Taylor
Emily Celis
Jennifer Perez
Illiana Perez
Marcos Angulo
Devin Womack
Wonkyung Lee
Bianca Vasquez-Cruz
Lesley Bautista
Samantha Windham
Ruben Salcedo
Tahje Hutchinson
Vivian Rojas