Valley Offers Intramurals For Soccer


Kahleia Corpuz

Valley is now offering intramural soccer. Intamurals for soccer are open to everyone as long as they get tested for COVID-19 and have parental permission to participate.

Eathan Tranate, Photographer

Boys’ soccer is set to begin their intramural season on May 3 to help them practice and prepare for the fall season, after missing their fall season in 2020.

Varsity boys’ soccer is coached by Christian Alvarez, who is assisted by SECTA instructor Gil Solis. Solis is also the junior varsity soccer coach. Due to COVID restrictions, the coaches had to modify how sports were held this year with soccer only being an example of one of the modifications. The intramurals will help the players get back on track for the fall season.

“Intramurals serve to get us in shape for the season,” Alvarez said, “for student athletes to work on building their skills, and to have some fun!”

Players are looking forward to getting back on the field, too.

“I’m most excited to finally get back on the field and spend some time with my teammates,” soccer player Alexis Payan said. “It’s been a very stressful and hard time for everyone, so to finally get back to playing is fantastic news.”

Athletes had to work hard in the extended off season to stay in shape. Junior soccer athlete Adrian Padilla went on runs and went to the park to “stay sharp on my soccer skills,” as well as going to the gym.

“I stayed in shape during the pandemic by going to the gym and playing club soccer during the weekdays,” junior soccer player Gael Mejia said.

The most convenient part of intramural soccer is that anyone can join in. However, they need to be tested for COVID-19 and receive a negative result along with providing a parental permission slip. But, the extra steps are worth the effort.

“I am most excited to finally be able to train together as a team and finally get into playing shape for the season, Padilla said. “It is something that I feel like the whole team has been anticipating for months now.”