Simmons Serves Valley as New Assistant Principal


Terrence Simmons

Terrence Simmons stands in front of the Valley Vikings blow up mascot. Simmons is Valley’s new assistant principal and is looking forward to enhancing students education.

Valeria Garcia Alcala, Reporter

Terrence Simmons is Valley High School’s new assistant principal who is looking to better improve students’ education.

Simmons is Valley’s new assistant principal, and he stated that he was able to get to the position he is in today by placing himself in the right position to succeed, such as going to college, getting two master degrees, and working hard to gain his teaching and leadership skills. Simmons also said that, at the beginning, he never saw himself leaving the classroom until his mentor recommended him to mentor new teachers where he had a lot of success and later on became an administrator. As assistant principal, Simmons is in charge of doing many things.

“I supervise the math department,” Simmons said. “I oversee operation graduation. I support the Teacher PD Committee and collaborate with our campus police.”

Simmons stated that some of his qualities include being humble. He says he is very approachable, honest, and loves to talk to students, staff, and community members. He is also a lifelong learner who loves to find and answer, even when he doesn’t know it, and lastly he is very passionate about student’s success. As assistant principal, the main goal is to enhance student achievement, and he is very excited to be Valley’s assistant principal.

“I am the most excited about meeting all of the students and collaborating with the teachers within the math department,” Simmons said.

Prior to becoming assistant principal at Valley High School, Simmons was the assistant principal at Floyd Elementary in Pahrump and assistant principal at Andre Agassi. Simmons stated some advice he would give is to take every opportunity that can grow leadership and teaching skills. Simmons also said that many of the experiences in his life have molded him to become an effective servant leader.

“Before I became an assistant principal, I taught for several years,” Simmons said. “I was an instructional coach. I was a board member at my church. I was the community service co-chair of the Chicago Urban League, and I volunteered with my fraternity.”

Apart from being Valley’s assistant principal, Simmons is a husband and father of three children, two boys and one girl. Simmons was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. He is an avid reader and gamer. Also, he attended an historically Black college for his undergraduate degree, and when he is not working, he is taking his son to football practice, helping his daughter with her gymnastics, and planning their next family trip. Lastly Simmons loves to discuss music, politics, and culture.

“The reason why I work so hard to empower and motivate others,” Simmons said, “is because I have been blessed to have a plethora of positive role models in my life.”