Spring Sports Starts Strong


Quinn Pedrick

Softball players completing throwing and catching drills at practice. Their first home game is April 22nd.

Quinn Pedrick, Managing Editor

Spring sports have started this odd school year for the first time, and players and coaches are ready to be back on the field and court.

Boys’ volleyball, track and field, softball, baseball, golf, and swimming are the six sports coming back to start and play their competitive seasons starting as early as April 17th. After over a year of waiting, athletes who have met certain health precautions are being welcomed back on to campus for practice and games.

Cheerleaders learning a new cheer routine to get ready for upcoming sports events. They will showcase their cheers at the first boys’ volleyball home game on April 24th. (Quinn Pedrick)

“This season is focused on building a foundation that we can build on if/when contact limitations are lifted,” Cheer Coach Barbara Jeppsen said. “We are working on learning new material, motion technique/placement, strength, and flexibility. By the end of this season, my one expectation is improvement across the board. From being a better teammate, to making our kicks higher, to bigger motions, and everything in between.”

Cheerleaders will be cheering at the boys’ volleyball games this season as well as an intramural football scrimmage.

“I am excited for the season to begin because this is my last year of high school, and last year our season was cancelled due to COVID-19,” senior libero Vaibhav Gupta said. “The main thing that I am hoping for this season [is] winning our games and going to the playoffs and winning there as well.”

Boys’ volleyball players setting up the volleyball nets for their pre-season practice. The players are ready to be back on the court with their first home game on Saturday April 24th. (Quinn Pedrick)

The boys’ volleyball season is set to begin on April 24th. Players are excited to get back in action as a team.

“Sport inspires me to do great things,” setter Ahmed Saleh said. “Moreover, the past year has been very difficult; physically and mentally. However, having the opportunity to play this season can reduce stress and anxiety. Lastly, sports, to me, improves the quality of my life experience…. [For this season], we are working very hard now to gain our skills back, and I strongly believe that we can win this season.”

Softball started their season on April 22nd with a loss, and the players are ready to try to win the rest of the season.

Baseball players Primitivo Garcia-Palomares (left) and Kollin Losee (right) warming up with a passing coordination drill at the beginning of practice. They worked to be prepared for their first home on April 20th. (Quinn Pedrick)

“All the Covid protocols we have to go through just to be eligible to compete and also during the actual playing itself” are different compared to other years, Softball Coach Scott Pallay said. “It’s time consuming, cumbersome, and frustrating at times but worth it if that is the only way we get to play sports again.”

Baseball coached by Tyler Winters, golf coached by Willard Scott, and track and field coached by James Desalvo are also returning this Spring season.

“For this season, I hope to win with my team,” Saleh said, “because the feeling of winning as a team and sharing it is a feeling I haven’t found anywhere else.”