Porter Pulls Through a Pandemic


Photo provide by Lenore Porter

Lenore Porter is one of Valley’s IB math teachers. Porter has continued to teach her students despite the pandemic.

Eathan Tranate and Quinn Pedrick

Lenore Porter, a Valley IB alumni, has been teaching at her alma mater for five years, sharing her love of math with her students.

Porter teaches MYP Algebra 2 Honors, IB Math 1, and IB Math 2 Applications and Interpretations, and IB Math Approaches and Analysis. She earned a degree in education with a minor in math at Chapman University to pass knowledge onto her students, despite any challenges they would have to face.

“My goal this year is to give students as much math as possible while still understanding that we are in a global pandemic,” Porter said.

Despite being in a pandemic, Porter believes that students still have the full capability to learn, but there are many adaptations that have been made. The math teacher has found that one of the greatest challenges has been seeing how the students are able to understand the math taught in class.

Porter graduated from Valley in the IB program, and now she is back in the classroom just with a different position of authority. The Porter family has spent much time in these school halls with her father Matthew Porter as a current health teacher and her older brother a past Valley teacher. Porter’s mother is a Viking alumni just like Porter.

“One thing that I want students to take away from my class is the idea that there are a lot of things we can get through with problem solving and critical thinking,” Porter said. “It might involve math, it might not, but I think mathematical thinking is about being able to critically analyze things and be able to not take things at face value.”