Hoffman Appreciates Valley For Life Preparation


Courtesy of Maggie Hoffman

Senior Maggie Hoffman is Valley’s cheer captain. During her sophomore year, the team had become national champions.

Kamiya Rodrigues, Reporter

Senior Maggie Hoffman has devoted her time at Valley to cheering in hopes of improving her skills and inspiring others.

“The thing I am most passionate about is cheer,” Hoffman said. “My coaches and my family inspire me to do everything I can in order to improve my skills.”

Cheer has always played a big role in Hoffman’s life. Being a part of the Viking cheer team is an accomplishment she can be proud of.

“My greatest accomplishment at Valley was my sophomore year when I made the competition cheer team and we became national champions,” Hoffman said. “It felt so great to win, and it really earned the cheer team some respect at Valley.”

Starting at Valley was a big change for Hoffman. That change led to some amazing friends and memories at Valley.

“After living in a small town on the East Coast for all of my life, coming to Valley was a big change and it really changed me as a person,” Hoffman said. “I had a great time at Valley. I made some really great friends and a lot of great memories.”

After graduating, Hoffman plans on attending University of Nevada, Reno to become an early education teacher.

“My favorite thing to do is cheer, so I really like to focus on that during the school year,” Hoffman said.

Valley teaches many skills to take forward in life, and Hoffman learned that connections are a good skill to possess not only career-wise but with personal relationships as well.

“Something that I learned at Valley that I can use in the future is the fact that connections are important,” Hoffman said. “Connections can not only help you in the professional world, but with friendships as well.”

Hoffman, like many other students, doesn’t really notice how fast time flies until senior year. Online learning tends to shorten that time sometimes as well.

“It really feels weird leaving Valley soon because it feels like I just got here,” Hoffman said. “One minute I was a new sophomore getting lost in the 200s and now I’m a senior leaving in a month. It really went by so quick, especially with the last year being in online school.”

Hoffman left her mark on Valley through her connections these past years.

“I think I left my mark on Valley by the connections that I made throughout the last three years,” Hoffman said. “I think that Valley has helped me move forward because Valley not only helped prepare me academically, but Valley has also prepared me for real life situations.”

Valley will send Hoffman off with memories for her successful future.

“I would tell my freshman self to take my time going through high school. It really does go by so quick,” Hoffman said. “My time at Valley was definitely something I will remember.”