Bognot Receives Emerging Teacher Award For Work With Technology


Courtesy of Vince Bognot

Government teacher Vince Bognot tries out one of his tech gadgets. Bognot’s award from CUE Nevada commended him on how effectively he used technology during this distance learning period.

Siria Fierro, Reporter

Valley’s AP Government teacher, Vince Bognot, wins an award from CUE-NV, an organization that recognizes the importance of technology in school.

“I was awarded “Emerging Teacher of the Year” which recognizes a classroom teacher who is currently in the first seven years of their teaching career and has already made a noteworthy contribution to educational technology in a classroom setting,” Bognot said. “Using technology to support standards-based curriculum is a key element in this award.”

Bognot is an advocate for using technology and is always making use of it in the classroom.

“It was exciting knowing that how I integrate technology in my classrooms in years past, and this year through distance education, has been seen as effective by my colleagues and the folks over at CUE-NV,” Bognot said. “When starting my teaching career in 2017, I wanted to integrate as much technology as possible in my classroom.”

He sees technology, not only as an extra tool to help in learning, but something that will help students later on in their life as well.

“From doing video projects, to practicing real life digital citizenship skills such as having a password manager,” Bognot said, “I remind my students that technology is not going away and that they need to incorporate it into their lives responsibly and efficiently.”

The past school year has had both students and staff delve into figuring out technology and how it can be helpful when working.

“I think this year has illustrated to students, families, and teachers alike that technology is not going away,” Bognot said. “The silver lining with this pandemic is that it has forced us to be better ‘digital citizens.’ I remind students that this is the future, and that many college interviews, job interviews, and interactions will now be digital and online.”

Bognot has yet to find out his prize for the award but has received endless support from staff already.

“The surprise of the folks at CUE hyping me up in the staff meeting was an amazing prize in and of itself,” Bognot said. “I had about ten teachers personally text me all at once, and it was just an amazing feeling. I had not combed my hair that day, so when Principal Esparza asked if I had anything to say, I had left my video off. I like to think that students who have their video off in class are having bad hair days.”