Golf Gets a Great Start


Provided by Willard Scott

Coach Willard Scott (middle) standing with players Casey Cain (right) and Nakalaya Fabello (left) in front of the golf course building. They played a great game with demonstrations of their recent practice.

Quinn Pedrick, Managing Editor

Two golf matches were held on April 20th and 21st where Valley players got their first taste at playing a course competitively for the first time since the pandemic hit.

The team consists of two players: freshman Casey Cain and off-season-basketball player Nakalaya Fabello, who both played a great game those two days.

Cain, an experienced player despite his young age, scored a 50, 2 points shy of qualifying for the next nine holes, in the first game and a 56 in the next, once again not qualifying but still demonstrating great skill. Fabello, starting the sport of golf in the past few weeks, had a great performance on both days for someone on such a emerging level.

“It’s awesome to be back playing sports!” Cain said. “I enjoy getting out and doing a bunch of stuff everyday; having a sport/hobby is what I think makes life fulfilling.”

Coach Willard Scott who coaches basketball in a typical year, finds that both players are quite talented and doing well early in the season. He finds that as long as they collectively work on building technique and prepare for the mental side of the sport that requires the player to have to focus solely on their game and no one else’s, they will continue to reach their full potential.

Scott stated that their goals consist of Cain reaching the back nine holes with an initial qualifying score and for Fabello to simply improve his technique and skills every day.

“As a basketball coach, I want players to have goals, and use it…as motivation to work hard and hopefully get to regionals,” Scott said. “There are kids out there who have been gold their whole life, so making it to regionals isn’t the biggest thing. I have a beginner and a thirteen-year-old, and I think they’re doing an awesome job.”