Tennis Intramurals Held for Student Athletes


Quinn Pedrick

The tennis team as well as some track athletes posing at the end of tennis intramural practice.

Lisa Norris, Reporter

Valley is having their own tennis intramurals weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2pm to 4pm.

With the ideal plan of students attending schools again, sports, clubs, and other after school activities are starting once again. This includes tennis practicing within their own team without any outside competition this season, and the intramurals are open to anyone interested in the sport.

Coach Micheal Kowal has been involved in the sport of tennis for about fifty years, and he’s gained lots of knowledge and experience regarding the sport from his very first time being on the court in his college days. Kowal encourages students to join the tennis intramurals, and students will have the opportunity to meet new people while learning about a new sport.

“Tennis players will get some exercise and make a skill for life,” Kowal said. “Also, they will make friendships from participating in a school program.”

Students don’t have to know anything about tennis. With years of experience or none at all, students can join and learn more about the sport along the way. There are also no requirements to join the tennis intramural program, no uniforms students have to buy or rackets they have to purchase, all of which are already provided.

Coach Kowal has a set of rackets and other equipment ready in his office. Kowal has everything prepared for the following intramurals. (Lisa Norris)

“Intramurals have no requirements; just show up and wear tennis shoes,” Kowal said. “We have rackets to use and balls. That’s the beauty, very little equipment needed or real estate like football and baseball.”

For the high school level of play, more students are needed in the program before a match can be arranged. Both boys and girls are welcome to apply for the tennis program.

With Valley having a history of the girls’ tennis team winning three state championships in the 1970’s, Kowal hopes for that to happen again in the next competitive season as long as there are enough players on the team.

Sophomore Kandy Valencia Mejia is a student who is involved in the tennis program. Their goals are to strengthen her skills in tennis while learning more about it.

“I wanted to get involved with tennis because my sister played tennis and I wanted to continue that path,” Valencia Mejia said.

They had inspiration from their sister to continue the sport of tennis, practicing and learning from someone in her life who had the experience.

“Since my sister was a tennis player, I would play with her and help her out. I have been in taekwondo and I hope to be in swimming in the future,” Valencia Mejia said.

Tennis is still accepting new members for any student interested in the sport. For more information, please contact Kowal who is available to reach at school in room 805 or by email at [email protected]