Valley’s New Student Council Officers Elected

Christina Nguyen

Valley’s New Student Council Officers Elected

Student Council recently held the election for the Executive Board, and the class officers have been released.

Chistina Nguyen was elected as Student Body President, and the responsibilities of this position include hosting, planning, and looking over all of the Student Council events. She acts as a liaison between the student body and student council and also encourages student excitement for their school and their school year.

“I will be at all events making sure they are running smoothly,” Nyguen said. “Aside from that, the true role as student body president is to be a leader. In my opinion, a leader is a person who pushes individuals to be their best. As a leader not only for my council but for my school, I hope to encourage everyone to be their best self. After all, a good leader gets the job done but a great leader teaches others how to do it. “

Nyguen’s goal for the next school year is to firstly ensure that every class can have their best year back in person then to plan bigger and better assemblies that will include the entire student body. The new president wants to be able to listen to the student body and turn those concerns into an action that addresses it.

“Being elected means a great deal to me,” Ngyuen said. “Ever since my freshman year I knew I wanted to pursue an executive board position. With my sophomore year being short and my senior year coming right up the corner—being elected came as a shock to me…. Although being student body president is a big role to fulfill, I know that the legacy past [executive] board members left behind will guide me to success.”

The Student Body 1st Vice President is Elisha Williams, whose responsibilities include stepping in as president when she is needed to. However, her primary focus is on organizing and planning events to show appreciation, such as Teacher of the Month, Viking of the Month, and recognition at student assemblies. Williams also organizes class elections. With distance learning, she is making it her top priority to hold more student and teacher events as well as reinstatement of some honored traditions.

“This year, us students went through a lot. All while keeping our grades up, watching siblings, being in clubs and/or working,” Williams said. “I want to shine the light on our outstanding students who are able to juggle their lives and make it look effortless. We have amazing Vikings doing amazing things and I want to let them be known by making sure we consistently do student appreciation.”

Williams is honored to take on this position.

“Being elected in this position means the world to me,” Williams said. “I’ve never been the one to get lost in the crowd. I’m very outspoken and I love speaking up for myself and others. This position allows me to represent my peers and voice their opinions, together. Everyone has wonderful ideas that allow us to grow as a Viking Family, and me being able to convey that to someone who can make it happen is an honor.”

The Student Body 2nd Vice President is Cailin Reyes, whose duties also fall under organization and planning, though her position is more geared toward assemblies and pep rallies. Reyes aims to be a mentor for the freshmen class and further increase student involvement by including new game concepts in assemblies.

“I also want to implement a feedback form after every assembly to see what we can do better and what we can add to make them more appealing to the student body,” Reyes said. “I plan on serving the student body by being a voice for them. I feel like it is very important to make sure that the student body knows that their voice is heard and we listen to their feedback about assemblies and all that.”

The responsibilities of Student Body Historian, Kandy Valencia Mejia, are to photograph Student Council events and manage the social media accounts. They also make sure the Student Council is on track to getting Student Council specific awards and working to create an end-of-year scrapbook.

“I plan to accomplish getting all the awards, creating relationships with class historians, and helping out the Student Body Secretary,” Valencia Mejia said. “I plan on serving the student body by voicing the opinion and [concerns] of the students at Valley. Being elected to me means that the students saw me as a good candidate and felt safe with me being the Student Body Historian.”

Kanisha Harrell, the Senior Class Treasurer, is in charge of fundraisers and the class financial balance as a whole. Her position is designed so the senior class has enough finances for events such as senior trip, prom, and more. Her foremost goal is ensuring that the student class will be able to enjoy their senior year to the best of their ability.

“After spending the majority of this year online, or for some students, the entire year, it is very important that we are able to make up for all of the lost time and memories with our classmates,” Harrell said. “I plan on serving the student body by ensuring that our funds are managed in a way that maximizes their potential. The basis of all events hosted by our school is the amount of money that we have. If we don’t have enough money, we will not be able to hold the events that we want. As a result, I plan on making sure that every fundraising event held will appeal to the majority of our student body, increasing the amount of funds earned.”

To accomplish these goals, Harrell aims to be able to communicate with the student body for their ideas and opinions through polls and always having an open ear.

“Ultimately, I just want to make sure that everyone enjoys their time in high school,” Harrell said. “Being elected as Senior Treasurer means a lot to me. I know that I personally was extremely disappointed by the fact that we had to remain at home for this school year, although I definitely understand that it was necessary. This was my first year at Valley, so I ended up missing out on all of the bonding experiences with my peers. I know that I am not the only student with this same experience, so I am thankful that I get to play a role in ensuring that as many people as possible get to make the most out of next year.”

Jayne Mendoza was elected as Junior Class President this year. Mendoza’s goal for the upcoming year is to make sure that the junior class is involved in Valley activities and events, and she plans to do so by organizing events based off of the feedback from the junior class.

“I plan to make sure that the Junior class has the best experience possible and stay safe while doing so,” Mendoza said. “I will make sure that my classmates are more involved in activities and actually enjoy them. I want to make sure everyone enjoys and gets involved in more school matters. Getting elected was a goal of mine for so long and for my best friend to be my right hand by being the Vice President makes me more excited for junior year. Winning the election also made me realize that if I set a goal for myself and put in the work I always accomplish it.”

Ava Giron was elected as the Junior Class Vice President, however, they were unavailable for comment.

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Valley’s New Student Council Officers Elected