Teachers Face Off Against Students in Varsity Quiz Event


Siria Fierro

Teachers and students compete against each other in a Varsity Quiz event. Varsity coaches Ryan Ocampo and Rachael Holland were joined by Valley teachers in the competition.

Siria Fierro, Reporter

Varsity Quiz’s latest event was a special competition with students going against teachers leading to a grand victory for teachers with a score of 225. Nevertheless, teachers were impressed with the Vikings’s effort.

“It is always a pleasure to see our students compete and impress us teachers with their brilliance,” biology teacher Jason Delgado said.

Teachers enjoyed being able to have fun outside of the classroom and spend time with students and other teachers.

“It was a chance to connect to students AND teachers outside of school! It was so much fun to not have to stick to lesson goals or curriculum and just get to talk and have fun with coworkers and students,” math teacher Lenore Porter said.

Varsity Quiz’s special event allowed both teachers and students to show off their knowledge while having fun. It didn’t matter who won but how everyone enjoyed their time together.

“What I love about this competition is how it really goes to show that the collection, enjoyment, and sharing of knowledge is not strictly a “teacher thing” or a “student thing”–rather, it is a human and lifelong learner thing,” US History teacher Sara Hupp said. “It’s a joy experiencing that with such bright and enthusiastic learners of all ages.”