Fonseca Gets One Step Closer to Becoming an Attorney


Guadalupe Fonseca

Senior Guadalupe Fonseca competes in the Youth law Public Service Competition. Fonseca won first place.

Valeria Garcia Alcala, Reporter

Winning first place, Guadalupe Fonseca competed in Youth Law Public Service through J4NG.

Fonseca was part of the Youth Law Public Service competition where she received a scholarship of $1,000. Fonseca was required to create a presentation where she talked about many things revolving around law. Fonseca chose to be a part of this competition because of her aspirations of becoming an immigration attorney.

She found that the most challenging part of the competition was choosing the key points or information that she wanted to discuss during the five minute presentation. Fonseca is a part of the Jobs for Nevada Graduates (J4NG) in which she developed the presentation skills through creating many projects, presentations, and assignments about life after high school.

“A guide for me in this competition were my previous presentations about my career goals,” Fonseca said.

Fonseca was most excited to touch on her reason behind wanting to be an immigration attorney.
She was excited for the subject because she loves bringing up her beliefs behind her career goals. She believes that every individual, regardless of their documentation, should be able to contribute to the economy of this country, and she also strongly believes that everyone is the same; everyone is human.

“As an eight-year-old child, I experienced being in a courtroom pleading with the judge to not deport my father with a handwritten letter as well as a letter of recommendation from my third grade teacher,” Fonseca said.

When Fonseca heard her name being called for first place, she was in slight disbelief as she was competing against 50 other people boiled down to only seven semi-finalists.

“When the top three finalists were being mentioned in the order of third, second, and first, I felt my anxiety go up.” Fonseca said. “But when US Magistrate Judge Brenda Weksler said my name in first place, I felt my heart skip a beat. I felt so proud of myself that out of so many other presentations similar to mine, the judges chose mine to be the best.”

Fonseca felt quite comfortable with making her presentation because she did not see it as an outside assignment that felt forced upon her, but instead, it was a chance for her to share her aspirations with others. She finds that the career a person selects should be something that he or she will enjoy doing, and with that mindset, the presentation was much easier for her.

In her presentation, Fonseca explained that her goal of becoming an immigration attorney will allow her to serve her community and make an impact in the world.

“I want to be the person to grant freedom and hope to these hardworking immigrants who have contributed to the economy of this amazing country,” Fonseca said.