Boys’ Volleyball Gives a Great Fight


Quinn Pedrick

Coach Tarina Elliott instructing the players what to do on the court during a time out in the second set. While the game was lost, they put up a great fight.

Quinn Pedrick, Managing Editor

On April 24th, Valley’s Varsity Boys’ Volleyball team played two games in the morning and afternoon against Basic High School and Cheyenne High School respectively.

The team lost both games of the day, but the losses didn’t occur without a strong fight demonstrated in each set.

In the morning game against Basic High School, Valley played with a strong offense, great spikers making aggressive attacks, but they were met with defensively strong opponents who managed to shut down multiple opportunities. Valley’s libero Vaibhav Gupta upheld his title of defensive specialist by digging up balls across the court, and the blockers had their opponents quickly shut down in multiple plays. There were plenty of intense volleys in every set, but small mistakes and disadvantages led to Valley not being able to take the point.

Valley may have lost the games, but being back on the court permits opportunities to get back into the competitive spirit while improving their skills as a team.