Softball Wins Home Game


Quinn Pedrick

Karla Hernandez Miranda at bat in the second inning of the game on April 27th in which they had a great win, ending 21-6.

Quinn Pedrick, Managing Editor

Valley’s Varsity Softball team played Desert Pines on April 27th with an astonishing victory.

The victorious game ended 21-6 on Valley’s softball field, and the players showed great talent on the field.

Lily Mader had three hits and four runs; Litzy Mendoza had two hits and four runs; Julie Ramirez-Sanchez had three hits, three runs, and five RBIs; Mykeanna Harris walked three times, stole four bases, and scored three runs; and Destiny Ayala made 4 putouts on defense. Maria Vega Hernandez was the winning pitcher, who also made a two run double at bat.

“I was very proud of our play,” Softball Coach Scott Pallay said. “Our defense has really improved the past two games and we showed good judgement at the plate and while running the bases.”