Mader Makes Her Mark in Softball


Courtesy of Lily Mader

Junior Lily Mader is on Valley’s softball team. Mader has been playing softball since she was seven years old.

Kahleia Corpuz, Editor-in-Chief

Junior Lily Mader’s softball abilities have garnered the praise of her coach and spectators alike.

Mader initially got into the sport when she was at her friend’s house, which was the first time she hit a ball off a tee. From there, seven-year-old Mader became involved in softball for nearly ten more years. Her motivation for continuing to play is a combination of her own self and her social scene.

“I always have a voice in my head that tells me I can do one more rep or one more assignment,” Mader said. “I also surround myself with amazing people who keep my confidence up and are always there when I need to talk to someone.”

However, Mader admits that her journey in softball has not been without some obstacles, mainly her own sense of failure. It is something that she learned to combat through the sport and instead use it as a learning opportunity.

“There have been times when I thought I wasn’t good enough, or times when I wanted to be perfect,” Mader said. “The thing about this sport is that it’s based on failure. A common saying is you can succeed three times out of ten and still be considered great in softball/baseball.”

As Mader continues playing softball, she continues to collect more lifelong memories along the way.

“I remember hitting my first homerun, winning a certain tournament with one of my old teams, and joining my current team,” Mader said. “But mostly I remember the friends I’ve made.”

With nearly a decade of softball experience under her belt, Mader shared some words of advice to anyone who wants to join the sport.

“My advice would be to work hard,” Mader said. ”Nothing comes to someone who doesn’t work for it. You have to do your drills and get reps on a consistent routine. I would also advise a person who wants to play softball to surround themselves with the right people. The right people will push you to be better and guide you in the right direction.”