Farewell to a Passionate Bricker


Alessandra Alvarez

Gary Bricker is a passionate sports fan and player of baseball. Bricker plans to continue to pursue the sport even after high school.

Isabella Medina, Reporter

Senior Gary Bricker will continue his passion of baseball and pursue a career in sports after graduating this year.

Bricker has been at Valley for all his years in high school, and is proud to be a Viking and graduate, having memories about Valley and remembering his favorite parts of sports events and assemblies.

“My favorite part of Valley were the assemblies and the Friday night football games,” Bricker said. “There was nothing better than to see everyone cheering a chant while the football team was playing under the lights.”

Ever since Bricker was a child and growing up, he’s been playing baseball, which led to him growing a passion for sports and growing a competitive side as he played baseball.

“Growing up I was always around my dad watching and playing baseball,” Bricker said. “I started to build a competitive side of me that wants to keep getting better at everything, and it brought me closer to baseball. I play shortstop and pitcher.”

Bricker plans to continue playing baseball after high school.

“After graduation I plan to set a standard for my Vikings and go to college for sports to show them that they can do anything.”

Bricker plans to finish and graduate strong even with the events that have happened throughout his years in school, such as the pandemic, but it never stopped him from pursuing his passion and continuing to have fun and enjoy his time.

“If I could talk to my freshman self” Bricker said, “I would tell myself to have fun and enjoy these next couple of crazy years.”