Baseball Breaks Even With A Great Win and Two Informative Losses


Quinn Pedrick

Senior Roberto Alvarez making a hit during the tight game against Clark on May 3rd, helping to make the first inning end in a score of Valley 5-3.

Quinn Pedrick, Managing Editor

Valley’s Varsity Baseball team has held multiple home games in the past weeks, including April 28th, May 3rd, and May 5th with one great win and two fighting losses.

On April 28th, Valley played Western High School on home field with a great win of 11-4. In the second inning, Valley dominated the scoreboard with 6 runs in and 4 hits, and the team took the momentum from there. Junior Primotivo Garcia was the winning pitcher with 4 innings with 4 strikeouts, and Kollin Losee was the relief pitcher for the last three innings.

Junior Kevin Sanchez pitching in the first inning against Clark on May 3rd. The close game ended 13-11 with Sanchez pitching for two of the eight innings. (Quinn Pedrick)

May 3rd resulted in a heartbreaking loss against Clark in the extra inning with a final score of 13-11. The team played well each inning with a double, hit in the 7th, by Garcia that gave them a shot at winning by tying the game, and senior Gary Bricker went 2-for-4 at bat with a double, single, and three RBIs. Valley had a chance to win on a walk off but were sadly outmatched.

“We could have done better, but we only really lost one inning,” Varsity outfielder Devon Aguigui said. “It was a good game. We had the lead most of the time, but there was one inning we messed up on a bit that allowed the other team to come back.”

On May 5th, Valley played Southeast Career and Technical Academy (SECTA) with a devastating loss of 13-0. The team was a division higher with more preparation, and most of Valley’s team was suffering from injuries, without a single reliable pitcher because of the injuries. The first five innings were full of errors that left Valley too far behind for that day’s victory.

Junior Primotivo Garcia pitching in the first inning of the game against Southeast Career and Technical Academy on May 5th. The game ended SECTA 13-0, but the loss did not go without strong effort from a mostly injured team. (Quinn Pedrick)

Before the game against SECTA, Coach Tyler Winters said, “I hope to see them have fun and enjoy themselves today. Last game was a heartbreaking loss… and we want to show [the other team] that we have the skill and talent to play.”