Catarata Chases His Career


Karl Catarata

Karl Catarata works toward his career goals. Catarata has worked with multiple former politicians while he pursued a political science degree at UNLV.

Kamiya Rodrigues, Reporter

Alumni Karl Catarata has dedicated his time to building his connections in life and working toward his dream career.

While at Valley, Catarata was involved in many school clubs and organizations. Through these he gained connections and experience along with memories.

“When I was at Valley, I participated in CrossFit, Key Club, and two or three organizations outside of school,” Catarata said. “Why you might ask? Because it filled up my time with networking with others, seeing what I’m good at, and seeing what I’m really bad at. It allowed me to experience things that I can look back on.”

After graduating from Valley, Catarata had many opportunities to work with important political people. Those experiences gave him the chance to give back to those who helped him earlier and his community.

“2016. It was definitely a bittersweet, but fulfilling experience leaving Valley,” Catarata said. “After graduation, I had the opportunity to work for a former President, a former U.S. Congresswoman, and go to UNLV for my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Not only this, but I had the opportunity to get involved more in my community and give back to those who helped me get to where I am at now.”

With his knowledge and experience, he went forward to accomplish many great tasks.

“There were a couple of things I had the opportunity to accomplish,” Catarata said. “First, I raised a puppy. I think that is an accomplishment in itself because raising a living being is a journey in itself. Second, I had the opportunity to run a couple of successful organizations in Southern Nevada. Third, I had the opportunity to get a position with a statewide mentoring commission/organization, which is something I really wanted. Fourth, I started rallies and political movements in Nevada that had thousands of people going to vote – regardless of their political party.”

After going to law school to become a lawyer, Catarata plans to build his own mentoring organization in Nevada.

“What does that specifically mean?” Catarata said, “That means every student in the State of Nevada having access to a trustworthy, good mentor who will be able to help them succeed wherever they’re at.”

Graduating from high school and moving on to do bigger things in life is a huge change. However it goes to show Catarata made it through his time at Valley and progressed to become a functioning member of society. For the lots of other students trying to progress through high school, Catarata has a few tips to follow in order to make it through to graduation.

“Find a good mentor,” Catarata said. “Maybe that could be a teacher or maybe someone in a grade above you. Life is short. We all have experiences to share with one another, and the more we share them, the more we learn how to make mistakes, make good choices, and become successful. Apply to every internship or club you might want to spend your after-school time on. Take Care Of Yourself. Make sure you take good care of yourself and the people around you. I always looked out for my circle of friends,and caught up with how my teachers were doing because we are all human beings going through something.”

Compared to all the multiple things he accomplished at Valley, graduating was by far the biggest accomplishment for Catarata. There were times when school was tough but others were there to help get him back on track.

“My biggest accomplishment at Valley was graduating,” Catarata said. “While I was in the IB program, I struggled to get some classes completed. But with good mentors, good organizations that supported me, and taking care of myself, I was able to graduate. That was my biggest accomplishment at Valley. Of course, there were other things – like running a successful recycling program during my time, or having my Key Club win a bunch of awards and have monthly meetings with a bunch of people who would show up all the time – but graduating was the biggest accomplishment.”

Moving forward in life is always going to pose a challenge. However, Valley gave Catarata the tools he needed to excel in life.

“My time at Valley was a time of growth and exploration,” Catarata said. “I had lots of fun connecting with my teachers and friends who would be my lifelong friends now years later!”