Swimmers Swim Swell

Sophomore Joseph Spencer competing in the 100 meter backstroke. The swimmer’s coaches and teammates were at the edge of the pool providing encouragement.

Quinn Pedrick, Managing Editor

Valley’s swim team competed at the Henderson Multigenerational outdoor pool on May 8th where swimmers improved their times in a multitude of races.

The swimmers competed against Coronado and Silverado High Schools, and the Sports, Leadership, and Management Academy (SLAM).

“Overall, I feel our team performed well given the circumstances,” Coach Joshua Walters said. “We had one athlete that had to sit out due to injury. Those athletes that were able to participate in events showed improvements in their times, and we had a few athletes win their heat.”

Many of the athletes improved their personal records in their respective events.

“[Swimmers who stood out] include Charlize Jackson, who dropped over ten seconds on her back stroke, Amada Cruz taking off 10 seconds on her 100 freestyle, and Drecka Randolph shaving off time on all of her events,” Walters said.

Sophomore Randolph swam three races: 50 meter freestyle, 100 meter freestyle, and 200 meter relay, and was able to improve their personal time in each event. While they were able to improve their personal time in each event, their goal is to drop even more time in their next and final meet.

“I felt good; honestly, I enjoyed the meet and made more connections,” Randolph said. “I did improve [my] times but slowed down in others because I was tired. In practice I need help with dives and distance.”

Each swimmer hopes to achieve similar goals of swimming faster in each event and improving on areas that could make the initial goal possible. Those include entry dives, the first start into the water, and flip-turns, an underwater flip to make swimming off a wall faster and more efficient. If those two factors are not performed efficiently or successfully, it will affect the resulting time, and it was shown in the last meet too many times.

“This upcoming Saturday is our last ‘official’ meet for the season; then we are off to the Invitational (our replacement for Regionals this year) on 5/21/2021,” Walters said. “We have the chance to bring home a few medals and set some school records from Invitational. We have very strong seniors on the team with Walter Snodgrass, Arianna Marroquin, and Wonkyung Lee.”