Baseball Has a Bittersweet Goodbye

Seniors (left to right) Stiveen Castro Martinez, Gary Bricker, and Roberto Alavrez with (far left) Coach Tyler Winters and (far right) Assistant Coach Richard McDonald grouped together after the seniors were walked at the end of the game.

Quinn Pedrick, Managing Editor

Valley’s Varsity Baseball seniors played their last home game on May 11th against Pahrump Valley.

The game ended with Valley losing 16-8. Valley fell behind early in the game, but managed to battle back to 12-8 in the 5th inning. After four years of playing baseball, each senior played their last game on Valley’s field.

“The feeling of playing my last home game is being hurt and realizing time does not stop,” Stiveen Castro Martinez said. “I realized it in the last inning I was out there, and I was just thinking, ‘Woah, I’m stepping my last steps as a player right now. I can’t believe it, man, this sucks and breaks my heart, but I have to move on.’”

The three seniors playing were Castro Martinez, Gary Bricker, and Roberto Alvarez. Bricker hit his first career home run in the bottom of the first inning, highlighting the talents he hopes to take to a higher level after graduation, Alvarez had an impactful RBI line drive in the second inning, and Castro Martinez had his first pitching start with striking out a batter.

“Hustle and heart goes a long way,” Coach Tyler Winters said. “Along the way, baseball teaches you a lot of resilience and how to deal with failure. I hope they can take those lessons and apply them to life. I’m excited to see how they apply those to life and what they do with their futures…. They put in a good four years; competing in every game this year shows improvement in their hearts and shows up and applies to their regular lives, something that isn’t seen on the stats sheet. Everyone has to give up baseball at some point, and it’s what they are going to take from it.”