“Golden Boy” Marrero Makes Moves On The Court


Quinn Pedrick

Josiah Marrero holds a volleyball in Valley’s main gymnasium. Marrero has spent most of his time at Valley trying to hone in on his volleyball skills.

Kamiya Rodrigues, Reporter

Senior Josiah Marrero has spent the majority of his time at Valley working on his volleyball skills to prepare him to take his talent to the next level.

“My time at Valley has been really good,” Marrero said. “It’s been fun. I’ve never had a boring day so it was just a fun experience at Valley.”

Marrero has focused on honing his volleyball skills and working together with his teammates to get to where he wants to go, being able to look back and say that the decision to play volleyball was a big accomplishment.

“I feel like my biggest accomplishment is playing every sport, especially volleyball because never in my life would I have thought I would play volleyball until my sophomore year,” Marrero said. “I just feel that sports were a really big accomplishment.”

Graduating is a big step that also serves as a not so gentle reminder that seniors won’t be high school students for much longer. However some people, like Marrero, are prepared.

“I’m happy that I’m graduating, but I don’t want high school to end, especially how our senior year ended,” Marrero said. “However I’m ready to go into the real world.”

Playing volleyball not only clarified what Marrero wants to focus on but also helped in shaping him as a person.

“Before I was a very quiet person, and now with sports and everything, I’m more competitive and talkative,” Marrero said. “More of a team player you can say. All around I’ve just been more involved with people rather than before.”

Growing and changing from his freshman self, Marrero states that some advice he could have used would be to get out of his comfort zone.

“Some advice would be honestly don’t be a quiet person,” Marrero said. “Try getting out there and doing new stuff, sports that you’ve never played, clubs that you’ve never done…I say just go for it and don’t look back at it.”

With graduation right around the corner, Marrero thanks his coach and teachers for helping him excel in school and support him when moving toward his future.

“My volleyball coach,” Marero said when asked who supported him through high school journey. “I give her a lot of props. Since she’s come here to Valley she has helped me out with everything. Every teacher I’ve had has always been a good teacher to me. For the most part every teacher was good but mostly props to my coach for helping me out throughout lots of years.”

Coach Elliott, current volleyball coach, stated how she sees Marrero as a person, not only on the court but off of it as well.

“I would say that he is a hard worker, and he has heart for the game,” Coach Elliott said. “It changes things on and off the court. He works hard off of the court, too, and on off season. He is one of the only kids I have that has always been kind since the day I started coaching here. He’s been practicing with the girls, and then with the boys, and doing things outside of Valley to get more training in…. He makes the sacrifices to be a good volleyball player. For sports, he wants to go to the next level, so I definitely hope that we can get him somewhere where he is happy and can grow and fit in and get his education out of it as well. That’s the hope for him. I’m just going to encourage him and support him in every way. I’m sure he’s going to keep contact with me, and I’ll be there to support him no matter where he goes. His hope is to play at the next level, and my job is to get him there.”

Elliott has been coaching at Valley for a couple of years but has known Marrero even longer. She encouraged him to be open to more things, including volleyball.

“[I’ve coached him] Since 2019,” Elliott said. “I was the first person that encouraged him to play before I worked here at Valley. I was the one that encouraged Josiah to be a volleyball player.”

Since Elliot first started coaching, she has seen him mature and has been alongside him to encourage and support his future. She has watched him grow as a player and a leader.

“As a person, I’ve been watching him mature,” Elliott said. “He has matured on and off the court. I’ve seen him become a leader, and when I first got him, he was very insecure and not really leading people. He was just hanging out, watching, and now he’s a leader. He’s the one that the team looks to for the encouragement and all that support that they get. He has a huge impact on the team, and he takes that role in a positive manner. It’s the best thing to see him become a leader.”

Valley has been a key factor in Marrero’s life and has helped him work towardsbuilding his future. Elliott hopes to see him succeed even though it’s hard to see him leave.

“I’m just happy that I have been able to coach him, and that he decided to play for us and not stop, so I’m excited about it,” Elliott said. “I’m sad to see him leave, but I’m excited to see where he ends up. He’s my golden child. We call him the golden boy.”