Carrera Continues to Flourish


Kaylani Rodrigues

Merary Carrero is pursuing her career in veterinary medicine. Carrero was Valedictorian when she graduated in 2019.

Kaylani Rodrigues, Reporter

Alumni Merary Carrera has chosen to pursue the career of her dreams and dedicate her future to veterinary medicine.

When Carrera attended Valley, she devoted her time to school. She excelled in both the classroom and in clubs or extracurriculars.

“My time at Valley was memorable because of the memories that were made either in the classroom or in my extracurricular activities,” Carrera said.

After a long four years, Carrera graduated in 2019. For most people, graduation is bittersweet but Carrera was excited to move on to greater things.

“I felt happy leaving because I was ready for the next chapter in my life,” Carrera said.

Before taking on college at the University of Nevada, Reno, Carrera decided to give herself the summer to wind down and regroup.

“After graduation I spent the summer recharging and having fun with family/friends,” Carrera said. “Then when August came, I moved into the dorms at UNR and quickly found my place on campus with clubs and other students.”

Carrera has found her belonging at UNR and is becoming a distinguished member of the student body. She’s putting in the hard work and thriving.

“I am the Vice President of CABNR ambassadors, I have been doing research on campus,” Carrera said. “I just finished off this academic school year as a Resident Assistant while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.”

Carrera has chosen to use her skills and academic knowledge to gain a future in veterinary medicine.

“I am pursuing a doctorate degree in veterinary medicine,” Carrera said. “I plan to finish my bachelors degree while working in an animal hospital/clinic to meet the requirements for vet school. I also plan to have fun along the way.”

There were plenty of valuable lessons that Carrera learned but there’s one in particular that she’s taken with her and will never forget.

“Although I was valedictorian, my biggest accomplishment was figuring out that academics isn’t everything in life,” Carrera said.

For those who hope to reach the same goals as Carrera, there is one lesson that will help when progressing through high school. Patience is key.

“The only advice that I would give,” Carrera said, “is that there is no right way to get to your goal so take your time and don’t rush.”