Davis Becomes Satisfied Salutatorian

Benjamin Davis is Valleys Salutatorian. He left a lasting impact on the school and the students he knew.

Courtesy of Benjamin Davis

Benjamin Davis is Valley’s Salutatorian. He left a lasting impact on the school and the students he knew.

Emma Thurgood, Reporter

This school year has been highly unusual and completely unorthodox, in comparison to past years, but there are some constants that never change.

One of these constants is the Salutatorian, and this year’s Salutatorian is an IB student Benjamin Davis. Davis has proven throughout his four years at Valley that he is dedicated to accomplishing his goals.

“The most important thing I learned throughout high school is that everything you want does not fall at your feet,” Davis said. “Freshman year I thought that all of my goals would come to me, but after nothing memorable happened that year besides track and field, I started living a life of uncomfort. Thus, the last three year of high school have been incredibly insightful.”

As a freshman, he was a part of the cross country team as well as track and field, and sophomore year, he joined IB Council, Key Club, Varsity Quiz, and still participated in Track and Field. His junior year, he continued to participate in the same extracurriculars that he did when he was a sophomore, but he also did tennis in the fall, bowling in the winter, and volleyball in the spring. But, with the restriction of the COVID-19 epidemic and a knee injury, in his senior year he was only able to join tennis and speak at the Sun Youth Forum.

Davis was a very active member of the student body, and still managed to get A’s in his classes. When asked how he felt about being Salutatorian, these were his words.

“It kind of feels like I’m the first loser,” Davis said. “But I am glad that I am not number 1, I don’t feel like I deserve it. Bobby [Valedictorian, Bogdan Degeratu] deserves every reward he gets. Nevertheless, it is a huge honor to have a title such as Salutatorian. I have worked extremely hard throughout school, and I am glad that I get a reward such as number 2 in my class. I will talk about this more in my speech, but I never wanted this achievement; it stumbled upon me.”

As Salutatorian, Davis will give a graduation speech and go into more detail about his experiences. But, all his accomplishments led him to be this person, in this place, and he couldn’t be happier.

“My proudest accomplishment is doing and becoming everything I ever wanted to be,” Davis said. “The eighth grade Ben that wanted to achieve greatness in academics as well as athletics would be extremely proud of myself now. The last couple of weeks have been strange because I have experienced an extremely pure, never before felt feeling of satisfaction.”